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What Does Working With A Local Staffing Agency Mean For You?

Partnering with a local staffing agency can provide your company with a number of advantages. Along with access to a larger talent pool, you establish a relationship with recruitment and hiring experts who can find ideal candidates for your vacant positions quickly and efficiently.

Plus, when you choose a local staffing firm, the recruiters are highly familiar with your community and the various industries represented in the areas. If you would like to know exactly what working with a local staffing agency like CPS Recruitment can mean for you, here’s what you need to know.

A Local Presence With Global Reach

CPS Recruitment has been serving New York businesses for more than a quarter century. We are connected with local groups and maintain a robust global network, ensuring we can find exceptional candidates both close to home and across the world. This ensures you gain access to the top talent you need to thrive.

Highly Experienced and Certified

The seasoned team at CPS Recruitment has a combined 200+ years of experience in the recruiting and hiring spaces. Our recruiters know how to create and deliver incredibly efficient and comprehensive hiring solutions, adapting the approach based on your unique needs.

Advanced Tools and Robust Systems

At CPS Recruitment, we aim to stay ahead of all employment trends. By using our sophisticated toolbox and ample resources, we are well-equipped to locate top talent based on your criteria. Our technologies provide an increased level of hiring and recruitment precision, ensuring the candidates have more than just the right skills and experience but can also mesh with your company’s culture.

Money-Saving Opportunities

Not having the right professionals on your team costs you money. When you have a vacant position, productivity can fall, morale can tumble, and the speed and quality of outputs may decline.

At CPS Recruitment, our approach is designed to reduce your time-to-hire dramatically. Plus, we never sacrifice quality, as we understand having the right professional join your staff is essential for maintaining operations and enhancing profitability.

Skill Evaluations and Assessments

CPS Recruitment understands that, when it comes to skills, seeing is believing. We utilize eSkill assessments to fully evaluate what candidates bring to the table. Whether it is complex computer coding or entry-level data entry (or anything in between), we can verify that the candidate is fully capable of meeting your needs. In total, over 2,000 evaluations are available in a range of languages, giving us the ability to accurately assess who the most qualified job seekers are and how well they can perform in a role.

Ultimately, by working with a local staffing agency like CPS Recruitment, you have a lot to gain. If you would like to find out more about our comprehensive services, the team at CPS Recruitment wants to hear from you. Contact us with your questions or to discuss your hiring goals with one of our experienced recruiters today and see how our recruitment and hiring solutions can benefit you.