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Our direct hire service is a consultative approach to recruitment, whether you’re seeking hourly staff or top executives. We partner with you to understand your needs and make suggestions to ensure we find the perfect fit for your team.

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Direct Hiring

Direct hires are an important part of your organization which is why we take a deep-dive approach

We take the time to build relationships with your team to fully understand your objectives, job functions, and company culture. We source, connect, and share the best candidates while ensuring they’re a match for your specific needs.

Over the years, our refined direct hire framework has helped provide plug-and-play solutions for HR teams across the nation.

Industry-Leading Collectibles Distributor Bets on CPS Recruitment for HR Expansion and Talent Acquisition

An industry-leading collectibles distributor partnered with CPS Recruitment as an invaluable extension of their HR and recruiting team. With CPS’s efficient onboarding process, the company swiftly brought talented recruits on board and up to speed, ensuring a quick integration into the gaming world. CPS’s expert screening and recruiting contributed to the company’s success, transitioning temporary employees into full-time positions and securing exceptional team members, assisting the company in becoming a major player in the world of playing card distribution.

Frequently Asked Questions

At CPS Recruitment, we take a consultative approach to direct hiring. We believe in understanding your business, both culturally and operationally, to provide a tailored solution. We’re committed to building a diverse talent pipeline for your future needs, reducing time-to-hire, and mitigating turnover.

We go beyond just matching skills to job descriptions. We take the time to understand your company and your needs. Whether that’s extra research or coming into your office, we make sure we have a thorough understanding of how to be successful for your team. Leveraging our deep understanding of the industry and state-of-the-art tools, we source candidates who meet these criteria, ensuring the right fit for your organization.

Our direct hire services offer the flexibility and personalized service of a boutique firm, combined with the reach, resources, and stability of a large staffing agency. We’re proactive in networking on your company’s behalf, ensuring a steady flow of qualified candidates.

Hiring candidates who fit naturally in with your people, your company, and your culture is always going to reduce turnover. If an employee can exceed the requirements of the job, and feel that they’re in a role that they like, turnover will be dramatically reduced.