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CPS is a certified Women-Owned Business, and for over three decades, we’ve been a trusted, full-service staffing partner in Syracuse and throughout Upstate NY. We connect talented individuals with businesses that need their valuable skills, and we do so with a commitment to confidentiality, trust, and integrity.

Expert Staffing Solutions in Syracuse

Our recruiters specialize in various industries and are able to speak the “language.” From manufacturing to software engineers, we’re always connecting with professionals and exploring new opportunities.

This industry-specific focus and expertise let us understand our client’s needs and the job market more deeply, delivering efficient and effective results for everyone.

An Exciting Time in Syracuse, NY

Syracuse, NY is poised for an economic and workforce boom, making it an exhilarating time for businesses in the area. The upcoming construction of Micron’s $100 billion semiconductor manufacturing facility in Clay will significantly transform the regional economy.

This investment is expected to generate around 9,000 direct jobs and potentially 50,000 total jobs once all planned facilities are operational. Coupled with new business opportunities and a thriving local population, Syracuse is quickly becoming a hub of industrial and economic activity.


Military Defense Company Invests in Tomorrow with CPS Recruitment's Payroll Services

Since 2015, a military defense company has partnered with CPS Recruitment to pave the way for future talent and community support. With CPS’s seamless payroll services and electronic employee onboarding, the company empowers employees by offering paid internships to their children and qualified community organizations, fostering a culture of growth and giving back. Through this program, CPS is able to set up 40+ internships each summer across a multitude of states, providing valuable opportunities to aspiring young minds. Moreover, CPS’s meticulous handling of federal security clearance regulations ensures smooth and secure operations, exemplifying the company’s commitment to excellence in talent development and community enrichment.

National Recruiting & Staffing Partner

Need a partner who takes the time to work with you every step of the way? We bring quality talent to the table in all departments. Our expert Syracuse-based team is here to simplify your job, hit your business objectives, and bring you the candidates you need. Our team offers three core services:

Direct Hire Staffing Agency

Direct Hire

Temporary Hire Staffing Agency

Temporary Hire

Payroll on Demand Agency

Payroll on Demand

Let's Connect: Trustworthy Staffing in Syracuse

CPS Recruitment is more than a staffing agency – we’re a partner you can trust. Whether you’re a business seeking the perfect fit for your team, or a job seeker looking to make your next career move, we’re here to support you. Great things start with a connection, reach out to us today.