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Hire expectations. Hire results.

Staffing Agency Syracuse

Today’s world has two constants.

Change and the people you trust. That’s where CPS Recruitment comes in. We’re a New York based staffing agency. Since our firm first started making connections 30 years ago, we’ve put our clients and partners first.

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Our team is made up of passionate, mission-first professionals. As a result, our team believes in building lasting, powerful relationships.

We can be hyper local in New York State and just as connected regionally, nationally and globally. Our world, technology and climate may be constantly changing. Despite this, our drive to adapt,

evolve and meet those challenges and our client’s needs will never change. 

True Staffing Agency Partners

People aren’t just numbers. We understand that unfilled positions cost our partners’ capital and productivity every day, for instance. We also understand that each day spent in a job we don’t love can be painful for our candidates. Along with this, we know that understanding our clients’ conditions, industries and needs are paramount to helping reduce any loss and accelerate the hiring process, success, culture and

happiness of everyone we work with.

Real Client Relationships

Our team focuses on creating meaningful and measurable relationships with everyone we choose to work with – we are passionate about what we do, and who we do it for. Work with us and find out what hire expectations and hire results can mean to you. When we started our Syracuse staffing agency – we started it to focus on real relationships.

Staffing Agency Where YOU Matter

Integrity, confidentiality and trust are the core pillars of who we are, who we hire, and who we work with. Due to this, we meet all ethical standards set by the ASA (American Staffing Association) and MAPS (National Association of Personal Services). To compliment this, we constantly evaluate all we do to ensure we deliver with the respect and care that you and we deserve.