Our Client Stories

From start to finish, we go the extra mile to deliver for our clients. Our team’s dedication and expertise have not only turned into great success stories but also, continued partnership. Over the years, our refined client-serving framework has helped provide plug-and-play solutions for HR teams across the nation.

Industry-Leading Collectibles Company Distributor Bets on CPS Recruitment for HR Expansion and Talent Acquisition

An industry-leading collectibles distributor partnered with CPS Recruitment as an invaluable extension of their HR and recruiting team. With CPS’s efficient onboarding process, the company swiftly brought talented recruits on board and up to speed, ensuring a quick integration into the gaming world. CPS’s expert screening and recruiting contributed to the company’s success, transitioning temporary employees into full-time positions and securing exceptional team members, assisting the company in becoming a major player in the world of playing card distribution.

Military Defense Company Invests in Tomorrow with CPS Recruitment's Payroll Services

Since 2015, a military defense company has partnered with CPS Recruitment to pave the way for future talent and community support. With CPS’s seamless payroll services and electronic employee onboarding, the company empowers employees by offering paid internships to their children and qualified community organizations, fostering a culture of growth and giving back. Through this program, CPS is able to set up 40+ internships each summer across a multitude of states, providing valuable opportunities to aspiring young minds. Moreover, CPS’s meticulous handling of all requirements ensures smooth operations, exemplifying the company’s commitment to excellence in talent development and community enrichment.

Medical Industry Call Center Finds Top Talent with CPS Recruitment's Temp to Hire Services

Since 2014, CPS Recruitment has been instrumental in this medical industry call center’s staffing strategies. With CPS’s expert screening and recruiting, the company efficiently obtained qualified candidates at all levels of the organization, including remote employees. CPS has partnered with the company to establish and maintain best practices for hiring, onboarding, and retaining remote employees. This has allowed them to sustain service levels and exceed client expectations consistently year over year.

Employee Growth: Medical Records Company Success with CPS Recruitment's Temp to Hire Services

Since 2020, CPS Recruitment has been a key partner with a medical records company in an expansive multistate hiring and recruitment program. With CPS’s comprehensive screening, recruiting, and hiring services, the medical records company swiftly hired over 50 qualified candidates in just 60 days to fulfill critical staffing needs for a large client with over 70 locations. CPS’s proactive implementation of remote working policies allowed the medical records company to execute a successful remote staffing plan while ensuring smooth operations –  all while providing consultative HR support in multiple locations.

Success Story: National Retail Brand Partners with CPS Recruitment for Temp to Hire Services

From 2019 to 2021, CPS Recruitment played a pivotal role in the retailer’s staffing journey. With CPS’s expert screening, recruiting, and hiring services, the retailer effectively hired over 400 qualified candidates to meet the demands of their new distribution center’s first holiday season and ongoing operations. The successful rollout of HR policies by CPS allowed the retailer to implement a rapid ramp-up staffing plan and flexibly address seasonal hiring needs, leading to performance achievements in their workforce optimization strategy.

Lawn Mower Manufacturer Thrives using CPS Recruitment's Consultative HR and Temp to Hire Services

For over 20 years, CPS Recruitment has been the trusted consultative partner driving a lawn mowing company’s staffing success in CNY. With CPS’s expert screening, recruiting, and hiring services, the company has hired an impressive 2900+ qualified candidates. The enduring collaboration between CPS Recruitment and the company has fostered growth, productivity, and mutual success, over the two-decade partnership.

Innovative Growth: Manufacturer's Expansion with CPS Recruitment's Direct Hire Services

In the dynamic world of medical gas systems, this manufacturer’s growth led them to partner with CPS Recruitment in 2023 for direct hire solutions. Leveraging CPS’s expertise, the company swiftly secured three top-notch engineering placements within 60 days, enabling them to explore innovative markets. The strategic collaboration between the manufacturing company and CPS Recruitment exemplifies a partnership built on innovation, driving the company’s success as a pioneering manufacturer in the healthcare industry.

Semiconductor Manufacturer Powers Up with CPS Recruitment's Direct Hire Services

Since 2018, a semiconductor manufacturer has harnessed the electrifying expertise of CPS Recruitment to illuminate their path to success. With CPS’s strategic market intelligence and extensive recruiting practices, the company fine-tuned their job roles and organization structure, surging ahead in a competitive market. Driven by CPS’s dynamic hiring process, the company powered up with 25 exceptional placements in highly technical roles, shining as a trailblazer in the electronics manufacturing industry.

Molding Success in Direct Hiring at Injection Molding Company

Since 2008, an injection molding company and CPS Recruitment have formed a formidable alliance, carving success in custom plastics and rubber engineering manufacturing. With CPS’s market intelligence and expert advisement on recruiting, the company has been able to grow, refining job roles and organization structure for maximum efficiency. CPS’s valuable information and insights fueled the company’s ability to thrive in a competitive market, resulting in an enduring 15-year partnership that has produced an impressive 60 placements company-wide.