STOP! Do This Before You Apply

When you are searching for a new job to apply to, attention to detail is critical. Sending off a resume with a misspelled word or overlooking a crucial part of the job description that needs to be addressed in your application can significantly harm your chances of landing an interview.

While you may be tempted to fire off as many resumes as possible as fast as you can, it is always best to pause before you hit submit. With that in mind, here are four things you absolutely must do before you send your application to the hiring manager.

1. Reread the Entire Job Ad

Most professionals only skim a vacancy announcement. They seek out specific words and phrases that help them determine whether the role might be a great fit, trying to perform the assessment as quickly as possible.

While skimming may be fine initially, you need to look closer if you plan to apply. Read the entire job ad from top to bottom. Make note of the must-have skills on the list so that you can address them in your resume. Identify any crucial instructions, such as required documents, delivery methods, and timeline details, to ensure you will follow them to the letter. That way, you don’t accidentally overlook something that could send your resume to the discard pile.

2. Target Your Resume to the Role

Sending off the current version of your resume will save you time. But, if you don’t target the content to the role, you aren’t as likely to be invited in for an interview.

Each position and company is unique, so you need to make sure your resume speaks to points that are important to them. This includes covering critical skills and experience listed in the job ad, as well as topics that align with the business, such as its mission and values. By targeting your resume, you can clearly showcase what you bring to the table in a way that is highly relevant to the role and the hiring manager.

3. Review Your Resume for Errors

After you finish targeting your resume, take a few minutes to proofread the document. Look for spelling and grammar mistakes. See if anything is unclear or ambiguous and work on clarifying points that need an adjustment. Get rid of any jargon, slang and acronyms, replacing them with well-known variants.

If possible, send your resume to someone else to review before you apply. Sometimes, a fresh set of eyes will catch mistakes you miss, allowing you to fix any remaining errors before you send in your application.

4. Take Another Look at the Instructions

Before you hit submit, take a moment and reread the instructions. Make sure you are sending every required document and submitting everything in the right way.

By following the steps above, you can make sure all your bases are covered, increasing your odds of being selected for an interview after you apply. If you’d like to learn more about current jobs you can apply to, the team at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled recruiters today and see how our job application expertise can benefit you.

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