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You’ve Got Staffing All Wrong!

Every industry is haunted by its fair share of myths, and the staffing industry is no exception. Many managers have preconceived notions regarding what a recruitment agency can and cannot do, as well as the current state of the labor force.

Often, these myths are based in a little bit of truth, but the details have been distorted over time. If you want to make sure you really know what the staffing industry is all about, here’s what you need to know.

Myth 1: Staffing Firms Can’t Help Me Find Talent Because There Just Isn’t Enough Available

While it’s true that many companies are struggling to find the skilled professionals they need for their open positions, that doesn’t mean a staffing firm can’t help you strengthen your talent pool. Even in today’s incredibly competitive hiring climate, recruitment agencies can give you an advantage, ensuring you get access to the candidates you need to thrive.

First, staffing firms maintain strong candidate networks, including staying in contact with passive job seekers who might not be actively searching job boards and other resources for opportunities. This gives recruitment agencies an edge, as they are tapping into candidates who aren’t easy to find.

Second, recruitment agencies focus on recruiting and hiring. They are particularly adept when it comes to attracting candidates. They can make sure your job ads are compelling and displayed in the right places. Staffing firms can also help you assess your total compensation packages, ensuring what you are offering aligns with industry norms and meets candidates’ expectations.

Myth 2: Staffing Firms Only Help With Temporary Positions

This myth remains because of the old “temp agency” concept. While staffing firms can certainly assist with short-term needs, they also offer other arrangements to help companies get precisely who they need and for the right amount of time.

For example, temp-to-hire arrangements allow job seekers to receive an assignment with your company while remaining on the recruitment agency’s payroll. You can then conduct a “working interview,” trying the candidate out to make sure they are a solid fit. If they are, you can extend a formal job offer and make them a part of your permanent staff.

Alternatively, direct hire options bypass the working interview segment. Once you find the right job seeker, you can bring them directly onto your payroll, making them your employee from day one.

Myth 3: Staffing Firms Only Fill Entry-Level Jobs

While staffing firms can assist with entry-level labor or administrative positions, they also do a lot more. Recruitment agencies are equipped to help with filling roles that require well-developed skill sets, a substantial amount of experience, and much more. Even managerial and leadership positions can be filled through a staffing agency quickly and efficiently.

Ultimately, recruitment firms can do a lot of the companies that partner with them, including shrinking hiring costs and reducing time-to-fill. If you’d like to find out more, the staff at CPS Recruitment want to hear from you. Contact us with your questions today and see how our recruitment and hiring services can benefit you.


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