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When you step into an interview, the hiring manager is focused on determining whether you are a great fit for the job. While the exact questions can vary from one interview to the next, most hiring managers are hoping to figure out certain key things about who you are and what you have to offer.

By preparing properly for your interview, you can make sure you present yourself in the best light and inform the hiring manager of what they need to know. With that in mind, here are three things nearly every hiring manager will want to assess.

1. How You Bring Value to the Organization

When hiring managers interview candidates, they are doing more than just filling a vacant seat; they are also trying to figure out how you can help alleviate any pain points they are experiencing or solve a particular problem. Being able to showcase how your skills provide the company with value, ideally in areas that are critical in their eyes, you can increase your odds of impressing the hiring manager.

You don’t just want to assert that you can address any issues that may be present in the workplace. Instead, you need to go the extra mile and break down how you can use your skills and experience to assist the company in achieving its goals.

2. Your Short-Term Goals

Hiring managers aren’t just looking for candidates who can solve their problems today; they also want a new hire with the potential to provide more value in the future. Being able to explain how you intend to take your skills to the next level can go a long way in the hiring manager’s eyes, so you need to be able to speak about your short-term career goals and how you plan to attain them.

You can begin by discussing what the target role can help you develop. Then, dig deeper. Discuss any education you may pursue, how you stay current on industry trends, or how you plan to enhance your skills. This allows you to explain how you will provide additional value in the future, increasing the odds you’ll catch the hiring manager’s attention.

3. Your Personality

During an interview, the hiring manager learns about your personality. Everything you say, as well as how you say it, puts your personality on display, and hiring managers evaluate these points to determine if you are a good fit for the team and company’s culture.

While you can’t (and usually shouldn’t try to) change your personality for an interview, it is important to be aware the hiring manager is examining this point. This makes it more likely you will showcase yourself in the best light possible while remaining genuine, increasing the odds that, if you get a job offer, it’s a good fit on that front, too.

Ultimately, nearly all hiring managers assess candidates on these three points, so make sure to prepare to showcase what you have to offer in these areas if you want to impress during your interview.

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