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Your Job Search Doesn’t End After Rejection!

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Receiving a rejection letter following an interview hurts. You felt good coming out. You thought it went well – and chances are, it did. Simply getting the interview was a big step … a sign that you were among the top contenders for the job. But only one person can be selected and, sadly, sometimes it isn’t you.

Don’t assume that the interview process ends immediately. There are some strategic and beneficial steps you can take in follow-up to ensure that, despite this setback, your job search will end in success.

Learn From the Experience

Don’t take rejection personally. It’s okay to wallow in it for a (very!) short while, and then reflect on and learn from it.

  • Ask for feedback. Often, hiring managers will provide it. Then, you can find out what to do differently in future interviews. This also underlines your initiative and perseverance, two admirable qualities which recruiters will remember in the event of future openings that may be right for you.

Build Bridges

Finding the right person for an open role is difficult, and hiring managers understand how tough it is to make the right match. So, when they come across a candidate who would be perfect for another company they’re familiar with, they forward them along.

  • Be gracious. Write a short, polite and thoughtful thank-you note. Make sure your professional brand remains intact.
  • Hiring managers are more empathetic than you may think. If you meet them in the middle, a little courtesy can go a long way toward helping you land your dream job.
  • Connect via LinkedIn. Send personalized connection requests to all those you met during your interview meeting. Continue to touch base with them quarterly. Try and find a specific reason to reach out, such as sharing a relevant news article, sending a holiday greeting, or congratulating them on a promotion.

Like most good things, your performance in an interview – even if it doesn’t produce the results you desired – can be chalked up to positive experience and growth. Use it to your advantage!

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