You (Yes You!) Need a New Accounting Position


During the course of your career, you’ll likely experience a few situations that make it painfully clear you need a new job. Some signs are apparent, such as being blatantly mistreated or refused a raise even when you’re being paid well below the industry standard for accounting positions. Other times it might not seem so clear. You may find yourself fighting a nagging feeling that something isn’t right, or you could be blind to the signs entirely. However, there are certain situations that suggest it’s time to look for something new, even if it isn’t obvious. Here are a few somewhat hidden signs that say it’s time to move on to a new accounting position.

Your Motivation is Gone

Every now and then, we all wish we were doing anything other than our job, and that’s perfectly normal. But, if every day feels like you’re trudging through mud and that it takes all of your strength just to get through the day, it could be time to look for something else. Constantly feeling unmotivated and disinterested is no way to live, even if you do manage to get all of your tasks completed in a timely manner. So, if you don’t ever feel that spark that comes with doing something you can truly put your heart into, it’s likely time to hit the job market.

You’re Always Doing More of the Same

Most people want to learn and grow on the job as it provides a foundation upon which to advance your career. So, if your job duties haven’t changed since you first took a seat at your current desk, it’s possible this accounting position is holding you back from better things.

Facing challenges and trying new assignments helps keep work exciting, and additional responsibilities are a great way to move up in your accounting career. If you feel stuck or like you’ve hit a proverbial dead-end, it could be time to shake things up with a new accounting position that will allow you to push your boundaries a bit.

You’re Stressed Out All of the Time

If you constantly feel like you’re on the brink of a panic attack or the simple thought of being in the office produces anxiety, it could be time to find a new opportunity. While some job stress is normal, feeling as though your stomach is always in knots is not. Even people who thrive in fast-paced, high-pressure environments don’t usually experience this kind of discomfort, as it more often leaves them feeling motivated or exhilarated. So, if you feel like the pressure never subsides, take it as a sign that finding a new accounting job is likely the right path for you.

You’ve Imagined Getting a New Accounting Position

Sometimes the simplest signs are the ones you should follow. If you’ve thought about getting a new job, even if only in passing, then it’s likely a reflection of your true desires. People who are completely satisfied with work generally aren’t considering moving on, as they are happy where they are. But those who keep feeling enticed by other opportunities often feel that there is something missing with their current job, and may be better served by actually making the leap.

If you are interested in finding a new accounting position in your area, the professionals at CPS Recruitment® can help you explore your options. Contact us today to see what opportunities may be available to you.



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