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You Never Know Until You Try…

By Tracie Tucci, CTS | Manufacturing Recruiter

Here it goes …my first blog!!!  I have to admit, because I have never done a blog before, I wasn’t really sure what to do or say.  My boss gave me the idea to write a blog of Do’s and Don’ts for entry level job seekers.  I thought, “ok I can do this.”

Every day I interview job seekers from very entry level up to mid level positions all within the Manufacturing and Light Industrial Fields.  Consequently, I am able to share some very simple solutions to get your foot in the door, give a good impression and eventually get that job offer!  I give this advice to job seekers so they can try something new in the hopes that I’ve helped them land a job!

A good first impression is one of the most important factors in getting that offer.  Make sure to arrive between 10-15 minutes early.  You don’t want to be too early and look desperate, but you also do not want to be running in the door late  in a cold , nervous sweat!  Next, introduce yourself with confidence and thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you.  Remember to dress a step above what the work environment calls for at the company where you are interviewing.  If you are planning to work on a manufacturing floor and the dress code is jeans and a t-shirt, go to the interview in slacks/khakis and a button down shirt.  DON’T wear a suit for a “jeans” manufacturing environment but DO make sure you wear close toed/closed heeled shoes.  Sounds funny doesn’t it?  Rest assured, it is not.  For instance, let’s suppose the interview went great and now the supervisor wants to bring you on a tour. Those cute sandals you thought really made your outfit look great will hold you back!  Now they cannot give you a tour of the facility because your manicured toes are  out in the open! Danger! Danger!  Play it safe and wear sensible shoes.

In addition, prepare a typed resume.  You may ask yourself, “what am I going to put on a resume if I have never worked?” Or, ” I have been in the same job for 30 years and I don’t even know how to do a resume.”  Use your free resources!  There are libraries in almost every community that offer free computer access and very friendly people that love to help.  Include every job, volunteer activity, schooling, honors and awards you’ve secured.  Make sure to be as detailed as possible and include any experience using special tools, specific skills, and certifications you have earned.  You may even want to include any interests or hobbies if they add to your skills! For instance, if you fix computers for your friends, or if  you repair cars on the weekends–be sure to include that.  These hobbies add skills that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Finally, make sure that your personality shines!  Most companies are not only looking at your skills, they are also looking to see if you are going to “fit” with their company culture.  Remember to smile, smile, smile.  Speak clearly and concisely—convey that you are excited about the job! Be prepared by asking some job-related questions.  Research the company before you arrive.

In closing, be sure to thank your interviewer at the end of the interview.  You may even consider sending a brief thank you note if you feel the interview went exceptionally well and you’d like to secure the  job.  It makes a great impression and will help you stand apart from anyone else who may have interviewed for the same job.

It’s easy to follow these simple solutions and it was pretty easy to do this blog.  I guess I just learned that you really never know until you try!  For more indepth career advice, or to hear about what jobs Contemporary Personnel Staffing has to offer, email me at ttucci@cpsprofessionals or connect with me on LinkedIn.

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