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You Just Never Know…

By Stacey Wood, CTS | Manufacturing Recruiter

During this economic downturn, I have interviewed hundreds of candidates from every socio-economic background one can imagine.  I have encountered both highly experienced folks and recent grads from all age brackets and experience levels.  Sadly, I must report that I have not had success placing all of these candidates.  Why not?  It’s neither their educational backgrounds, nor their lack of accomplishments on well organized resumes.  It isn’t even due to a lack of practical work experience.  The greatest contributing factor is a poor attitude.

I haven’t always been a recruiter.  After graduating from college, I found myself without much direction and was tending bar for quite some time.  I came to Contemporary Personnel Staffing in an effort to obtain a position while using the degree I had spent so much money securing over several years.  While exploring my options, I met with a recruiter who informed me that due to a lack of some skills, I would have to acquire some additional training, etc…which I pursued with fervor and thanked her for her time, graciously accepting the suggestions she offered.

There are qualities that employers look for and identify readily within moments during an interview.  They aren’t listed in an ad or posting, however, they are essential when determining which candidate will secure one of the few coveted openings within any organization.  These traits include tenacity, dedication, motivation, sincerity and drive.  Moreover, the willingness to learn and develop as part of a team is critical.  This includes possibly accepting a position that may be less than ideal in terms of pay scale or title, in hopes of growing with an organization while demonstrating one’s skills contributing to a team environment.

CPS never found me a job with any of their several top notch clients.  Rather, I received a call for an interview with the VP of the company.  I was hired as an assistant to the manufacturing team and a short time later became a manufacturing recruiter.  I had never used a computer for more than writing papers, nor had I ever worked in an office setting.  This was not a vocation I had ever even considered and certainly had not had any experience on my resume, nor obtained in school.  My boss, like so many others, recognized my commitment to achieve, my resolve, and my dedication to growing a career.  Further, she identified the skills I had, one of which was a positive attitude.

In short, I simply cannot suggest more important advice than to demonstrate what you can offer a potential employer the moment you contact an organization for an interview.  Beginning with your tone on the phone, extending to your demeanor and attitude throughout an interview, your attitude will speak volumes that your resume may not reflect.  Far too many candidates in an increasingly competitive market today lose opportunities due to an arrogant, deserving demeanor.  I implore you….take my advice.  You just never know what your next interview can facilitate in the future!

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