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You Don’t Have to Be the “Big Guy” to Land the Top Talent

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Many smaller to mid-sized businesses feel as though they can’t compete with the big companies in regards to finding top talent. Often, the “big guy” has a higher budget associated with hiring and the capability to reach out to more candidates. However, by creating an enticing job description and creating a thorough recruitment plan, you too can reach some of the best candidates available.

To help you reach the top talent you need, here are some tips to help your company stand out amongst the crowd regardless of its size.

Understand the Role Being Filled

Having a clear definition of what the position needs to do is key to creating a strong job description. Often, smaller businesses have very specific needs when hiring as there are fewer employees to manage the duties. With that in mind, work with other members of the team to understand any skill gaps that may be present.

Creating a strong goal lets you create a job description that balances the line between being brief and informative. Plus, you are more likely to find top candidates that possess the exact skills you need, creating an ideal situation for yourself as well.

Build a Strong Brand and Culture

Part of what attracts top talent to any employer is the company’s brand and culture. People want to work for businesses that they can get behind. So, clearly demonstrating your company vision and priorities makes those who share those views more inclined to apply.

Demonstrating these points can be as simple as creating a page on your website that includes pertinent information, such as mission statements, blogs, and photos. Additionally, being active on social media can help you create a more thorough image through regular updates and posts.

Consider Adding Employee Perks

Many smaller businesses assume they can’t offer much in the way of employee perks due to the added expense, and even the lack of clout when compared to larger organizations. However, adding certain extras doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Consider offering benefits like flexible scheduling or other options that promote a better work-life balance. Often, these perks are highly desirable and don’t actually have to cost your business anything more than a traditional hire.

Creating methods for career development can also attract top candidates. Whether it is the option to work with a mentor or learn new skills on the job, employees looking to build a career often enjoy the opportunity to grow as they work.

In fact, small businesses can benefit greatly from the arrangement as it allows you to build in double-coverage redundancies for specialized skills. This makes it easier to keep the company operating should you unexpectedly lose an employee or make scheduling vacations easier for those working in specialized positions.

Work with a Recruitment Firm

One method for increasing your reach when hiring is to work with a professional recruitment firm. The skilled recruitment team at CPS Recruiting has the expertise to locate your ideal candidate, extending your reach beyond your normal hiring methods. Contact us today and see how our services can help you find the top candidates you need to succeed.


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