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When you consider working with a recruitment agency, it is common to wonder, “Can they really help me find a job?” After all, a lot of staffing firms say that they can make landing work easy, but that doesn’t mean they all deliver.

At CPS Recruitment, we understand your concerns and are here to address them. But, we know that us telling you we can really put you to work isn’t always enough. Instead, you want to hear it from people who have successfully landed employment opportunities through their time working with CPS Recruitment.  Please also remember, candidates are NEVER charged a fee to work with us!

With that in mind, we would like to share some recent testimonials from some of our valued candidates:

Andrew T.

“CPS has been wonderful to work with so far. I was contacted about a job opening by Lisa Coogan. She was very helpful and transparent throughout the steps in the hiring process. She was always available via phone and/or email and was always quick to respond. She is a great asset to the CPS team.”

Samantha C.

“CPS is pretty great at finding employment. My first assignment I got hired on. I am now on my second one and I plan to get hired here as well.”

Chifra S.

“I am very pleased with the position I have been given. Everyone has been very pleasant and friendly.”

Emily A.

“Dan Sanderson and Laurie were so helpful and their service was fast. From when Dan reached out to me about job opportunities to when Laurie was able to secure a job offer for me was less than a month. The job that they were able to help me find has exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you so much.”

Shelley D.

“Jamie has been great. She got me a position really fast and I love where I am. Highly recommended company!”

Adam S.

“Steve responded quickly to my resume and got me an interview quickly. The particular company also moved quickly, so it meant I had an offer within a week of my initial contact with Steve.”

Abigail K.

“I have gotten fast responses whenever I have needed to contact any one from CPS – payroll, recruiter, etc. Kelly was wonderful with my initial screening, and found a placement for me within 2 days, where I was hired during my interview! So far, my placement has been wonderful, I very much enjoy working with my manager, and feel we communicate well on what is needed to be done and expectations. I am hoping that we will be able to convert this temporary position into a full time position in the new year!”

As you can see, CPS Recruitment works hard to help candidates find jobs quickly and efficiently. If you are looking for work in Upstate NY, the team at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to speak with one of our knowledgeable recruiters today and see how our services can benefit you, or browse our open jobs for yourself.

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