Yawn… Your Resume is Boring…


A human resources manager or recruiter is paid to screen resumes and identify high-potential candidates. If they’re bored by what they see, yours will quickly land in the “discard pile.”

Your resume is your personal sales brochure. It must demonstrate why an employer should choose you over all the other qualified applicants for a job. Use differentiating, interesting, attention-grabbing content, so you can get into a decision maker’s head and motivate them to choose you.

A Checklist for Success

Capture the interest of hiring pros by describing the unique accomplishments you’ve realized in your career to date. Tell a compelling story of specific challenges you’ve faced and how you creatively overcame them.

Use this checklist to get started:

  • Be concise and employer focused. Start with your Summary. Limit it to five or six sentences. Include keywords, but don’t parrot the job description word for word.
  • Don’t overplay your soft skills. A strong description of your interpersonal and related abilities adds great value to your case. But don’t go overboard. On the flip side, substantial, concrete “hard skills” serve equally to strengthen your candidacy. When describing the latter, avoid jargon or potentially confusing verbiage.
  • Focus on your past performance. Include statistics, testimonials, awards, and other items that illustrate how you better positioned your department or company for success.
  • Use these resume “power words.” Research has shown that they can increase your chance of getting hired by up to 80 percent.
  • Use a simple, professional design. Your resume must be easily scanned and digested by an employer. Keep it basic and pleasing to the eye. Use a single, clean font such as Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana. Break long blocks of text into reader-friendly bullets. Use ample white space. Content is crucial, but the overall look of your resume also speaks volumes.

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