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Worried You’re Not the “Perfect Fit” for Your Dream Job?

Discovering your dream job is available is exciting. But, your excitement can quickly shift to feelings of anxiety or even disappointment if you aren’t sure you are the perfect fit.
Many companies provide a laundry list of requirements on their vacancy announcements and, if you don’t tick off every box, you may assume you don’t stand a chance. That may not be true! Being a perfect fit isn’t always necessary, particularly if you can demonstrate you have the potential to excel.

If you want to target your dream job, here’s how to increase your chances of success.

Define the Ideal Candidate

The requirements alone don’t entirely define an ideal candidate for the position. Most companies want to find individuals who have the potential to excel in the role and will fit into their culture.

While this does mean you need to possess the majority of what they are looking for, coming up a little short doesn’t automatically remove you from contention. Research the company and go through the vacancy announcement with a fine-tooth comb. Try and determine whether they are open to training someone who doesn’t possess all of the skills, and if the environment is actually a match.

Target Your Resume

Your resume needs to clearly demonstrate you can provide the company with value if you are hired into the position. This means you need to showcase your relevant skills and accomplishments, quantifying the information whenever possible.

If you can show the hiring manager you meet the majority of the requirements, you may be invited in for an interview. A decent percentage of those who apply may not have every skill or experience either, so your goal is to stand out from the other job seekers as best as possible.

Express a Willingness to Learn

If a company appears to be open to training the selected candidate, you want to express your willingness to learn the required skills. Since your resume isn’t an ideal platform for this sentiment, make sure to include a cover letter. Let the hiring manager know you are excited about the opportunity and eager to acquire any new skills that would help you excel.

Alternatively, if you can learn the other skills on your own, explain to the hiring manager the steps you are taking. This can include anything from enrolling in a class, attending a seminar, or doing your own research to get up to speed. Ultimately, this shows you are passionate about the opportunity, and that can do a long way when you’re trying to land your dream job.

Learn From Rejection

When you aren’t the perfect candidate, there’s always a chance you won’t be selected. If this occurs, try to learn why you weren’t chosen and use it to motivate you. For example, if you were missing a critical skill, find out what you can do to learn it. If you lack a specific kind of experience, seek out volunteer opportunities that allow you to fill that gap or see if you can branch into that area in your current role.

By learning from rejection, you can become a more qualified candidate, increasing the odds that you’ll land your dream job down the road.

If you are interested in learning more or are looking for your dream job, the professionals at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to discuss your career goals today and see how our services can benefit you.

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