Why Your Healthcare Resume Gets Rejected

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We all know that the healthcare field is booming. Demand for skilled professionals working in the field seems to be never-ending, which can make repeated resume rejections feel inexplicable. But there are numerous reasons why a candidate’s resume might end up in a pile that’s destined for a filing drawer.

If your resume keeps going out, but you aren’t getting any calls in return, here are some aspects of your process you should immediately review.

There are Typos, Grammar, and Other Language Issues

No one is immune from the occasional typo. But if your resume is being sent out into the world with glaring spelling errors, grammar issues or other language-oriented faux pas, then you might be tossed into the discard pile quickly.

With the number of integrated language checking tools available, there is no reason your resume should be riddled with these errors. Take the time to review your resume thoroughly before it is submitted to anyone. To make spotting mistakes easier, read your resume out loud. You can also have someone else review your resume to see if they identify any issues that need to be corrected.

You’ve Overlooked the Directions

Not every job application involves just attaching a resume. Some postings require additional attachments beyond your resume. And others include subtle instructions stashed near the bottom of the announcement.

Often, anyone who doesn’t follow the directions as instructed is automatically removed from consideration. So, if you have been skimming job postings and rapidly submitting your information, you may be missing an instruction that makes the difference in whether your qualifications are considered at all.

Your Address Is in the Wrong Area

Many people were conditioned to put their address on their resume. However, it can actually lead to problems if your address makes it look like your commute would be a challenge. Even if you are open to the drive, or you intend to move in the near future, many hiring managers are inclined to assume it would be a problem.

The simple solution to this issue? Just remove your address from your resume.

You’re Applying to Everything

A big reason for not getting an interview is that you weren’t actually qualified for the position in the first place. While it can be a good idea to cast a wide net when applying to jobs, you aren’t using your time wisely if you apply to jobs you aren’t qualified to hold.

This falls in a similar bucket as overlooking direction; if you clearly don’t meet the requirements, then your resume is going to be rejected. Make sure you review all job postings thoroughly and only apply to positions for which you have the experience and education necessary to complete the duties as covered in the job description.

Alternatively, if you are applying for positions which you are overqualified, you may find yourself in that same position. Many companies are hesitant to hire someone who is clearly overqualified, as they are often concerned that the person will leave the position once a better opportunity arises.

If you are interested in finding a new position and would like help selecting the right opportunities to which you should apply, CPS Recruitment® can help you find the right ones for you. Contact us to speak with a professional recruiter today.


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