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If it seems like a lot of people are leaving their CNY jobs and pursuing other opportunities, you might be right. Today, it’s a job seekers market, so many professionals are feeling particularly empowered when it comes to taking steps to advance their careers.

But, even if this is an emerging trend, the reasons people choose to walk away from their current roles can be highly varied. If you are wondering why people are leaving their CNY jobs, here’s what you need to know.

Better Pay

When companies have to compete for top talent, salary levels usually rise. Many organizations understand that, while pay isn’t everything, it isn’t something you can ever ignore.

Skilled professionals are able to level their experience and skill set into higher paying positions. If their current employer isn’t competitive in the salary arena, finding an opportunity elsewhere becomes more attractive. Plus, since many businesses act quickly when they have access to a great candidate, the soon-to-be new hire might not even have to negotiate much to secure a pretty large raise.


At times, the main motivator for seeking out new opportunities is being bored in your current job. If you have been in your position for a while and haven’t been given chances to grow or advance, becoming disenchanted with the role is common.

If a professional begins to feel very disengaged, they may seek out other opportunities as a way to get their career moving forward again or simply experience some challenges while working. After all, no one likes to feel as if they’ve hit a dead end at their current employer, and securing a position elsewhere is often the clearest path for resolving the issue.

This is especially true if the new role includes opportunities to advance their skills or career. More companies are touting their growth and advancement benefits to attract top talent, making it easier for professionals to find options that will reignite their career passion.

A Bad Boss

As the adage goes, people don’t quit companies; they quit their bosses. If a skilled professional dislikes their manager, or the company’s leadership team in general, finding a new job is usually the simplest solution.

Poor management can lead to a lot of frustration and job dissatisfaction. It means battling against obstacles that may not exist in other workplaces, and finding a remedy is usually beyond the reach of the employee if the issue is ingrained in the culture.

Having bad relationships with co-workers can also create a similar situation, and may cause a person to leave their job. However, issues with a manager usually feel more dire, particularly if that relationship is toxic or abusive.

Ultimately, people are leaving their CNY jobs for a variety of reasons, including those above. If you think a new opportunity would help you further your career or increase your job satisfaction, the staff at CPS Recruitment can help you explore your options. Contact us to speak with a member of our knowledgeable recruitment team today and see how our job-matching expertise can benefit you.

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