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Where It’s At!

By Meg Sherman, CTS | Vice President

In our line of business, we are constantly asking our customers “what is your company culture like?”   We use buzzwords like culture, employer of choice, and environment every day.  Our team understands that these are far more than just buzz words—they can make or break a company.

Something we see every day

Do you work for (or run) a company that puts an emphasis on culture, environment and being an employer of choice?

Smart business owners and managers realize the importance of providing a workplace that is coveted, respected—and often envied.  Why?  Because to hire (and keep) the best talent out there, employers must be willing to provide a work environment where people not only thrive, but where they get really excited about the work they are doing.  This competitive advantage of being the best helps ensure the staff you have, is the staff you keep!

When I speak of environment, I’m speaking both literally and figuratively.  Take our offices at Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated.  Our physical work environment is, well, beautiful.  It is bright, well appointed, and is decorated out of the pages of a magazine.  It is a place we are proud to show both our applicants and our clients.  It is a great place to spend 8+ hours each day.

Our office

Now, to the other environment—the one you can’t see or touch. We promote an environment where idea sharing, process improvement, and overall staff input and feedback is encouraged and welcome.  If you want a one-on-one meeting with the owner, all you need to do is ask.  If you think of a better way of doing things, all you need to do is speak up.  If you need a tool to do your job better, just say so.  We are customer centered, and employee centered—without being self centered.  How about you?

So, am I writing this blog to brag about our offices and our company? Absolutely not.  I put these thoughts to paper in order to share some insight on why job seekers choose one opportunity over another.  It is also the reason why someone chooses to stay (or go).  Companies who sell themselves as being an employer of choice will inevitably win over the job seeker every time.  You see, contrary to some popular belief, job seekers are not a dime a dozen.  Smart companies who vie for these candidates will prevail every time.  Ask yourself:  will they want to work for me, or work for my competitor?

Our Conference Room

I do not mean to suggest a fancy office will fix all of your retention or hiring issues.  But, when you combine the literal and the figurative when assessing your own company, are you providing the best possible environment?  Do you promote a culture where working for the best means having the best?  Do you think of yourself as an employer of choice?  The bottom line:  time and time again, our recruiters are finding that the truly exceptional candidates gravitate toward the opportunities with those who are committed to reinvesting in the company and promoting a positive culture.

How does your employer set itself apart to make you proud to work there?

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