What Top Employees Do Better Than Anyone


Top employees are natural leaders. These impactful high performers produce up to 12 times more than the average worker. Having excellent employees who are naturally self-motivated and who infect others with their enthusiasm is essential to your business success. You need to know who they are so you can reward and retain them.

Top employees:

  • See quality as their number-one priority
  • Never waiver from their focus on satisfying clients and customers
  • Concentrate on improving their skills
  • Take the lead in decision-making
  • Provide innovation and new development
  • Are reliable, so others enjoy working with them
  • Are critical to a safe, healthy and productive workplace


One of the traits that sets top employees apart is their ability to self-manage when it comes to their time and workload. They:

  • Learn from their experience to plan ahead with a high degree of autonomy
  • Are more flexible
  • Rely on their own strengths and instincts to get the job done
  • Are self-starters who don’t need constant monitoring


High-performing employees seek feedback from their managers and crave progress reports on their work so they can stay on point. They effectively implement the “lead, follow or get out-of-the-way” approach to successful project completion and delivery.

  • They keep track of influence and knowledge within their organization. This entails frequent contact with team leaders in other departments. Top performers use information from the overall organization to develop and launch new ideas.


Their self-directed approach to work allows top employees to know what they need to do to support their careers, while at the same time helping their company. They work harder yet smarter, embracing new challenges and seeking out ways to innovate.

  • Top performers push themselves and their managers. They seek out more work, bigger challenges and additional opportunities for development. They are more likely to perform research on their own and spend time in training programs. They continue to grasp at new responsibilities to reach the next step in their careers.


Top employees have strong interpersonal and relationship-building skills, so effective networking is second nature to them. They naturally collaborate with others, providing growth for them and benefits for their company.

  • They reach out through and outside the organization. This enables them to continuously gather information and contribute current knowledge.

Work Ethic

Based on their tendency toward self-initiated teamwork, high-performing employees are not only willing to work hard, but they search for ways to contribute more.

  • Their desire to come up with ideas on their own gives them a sense of ownership in their company and a sense of pride in their accomplishments.
  • They are catalysts in the workplace, influencing those around them in highly positive ways. They inspire others by not hesitating to ask questions or suggest new approaches. They motivate with their energy and curiosity and by setting examples and setting the pace.

Cool Under Pressure

Top employees remain on an even emotional keel, even in crisis situations. Their leadership style reflects consistency and a willingness to compromise and stay open-minded, versus being stubborn or resistant. This helps them learn quickly and become excellent problem solvers.

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