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What Now? Job Hunting as a Recent Grad

By Annie Sessler, Recruiting Assistant

As a recent college graduate, I remember starting my senior year with both excitement and trepidation.  I was excited about not having to sit through long classes anymore, ending the late nights of writing papers, completing my student employment and also the end of long hard practices many days in cold, wet weather.  On the other hand, I was afraid of what was to come.  The uncertainty of not knowing what I was going to do, had me worried.  The nightly news was not very optimistic about both the economy and employment situation, especially for the many recent college graduates.

My friends were also uncertain of their plans.  Many were going to further their education mainly because their field of study required it.  The thought of going to graduate school seemed an easier option for many.  I on the other hand, had my BS in Business Administration and was eager to get started.  How and where do I start looking for a job?  My first stop was the College Placement Office on my campus.  Many of the companies that used to recruit on campus, were no longer coming.  They were not hiring the entry level people as they had in the past.   I spoke to all of my contacts I had   on campus looking for suggestions and ideas.  I figured that the more I networked, the better I would be prepared for the employment process.

I learned not to limit my contacts to people that I had met.   I asked my parents for their help as they had both worked for years and still had contacts in the business world.  I met with many of their friends which helped me with the interview process.  Many of these interviews were not for a particular job, it was  for information about what jobs were available and the general  practice of an interview.   After these “practice sessions” I was fortunate to meet with many more contacts in real work interviews.

I read the classified ads and also searched the internet to see what type of companies were hiring and for what type of jobs.  I noticed that many companies seemed to be using agencies to help fill their employment needs.  I had never really thought about a staffing agency because I figured that their clients were looking for people with much more experience than I had.  I did think about temporary work though.  I figured that it was a great place to start.  I could check out different companies and different jobs which would help me figure out what exactly I did like and what I didn’t like.  It would help me build my confidence and gain more real life experience.

I went to Contemporary Personnel Staffing and was very happy that I did.  I met with many people there and felt confident that they could help me.  I took a series of assessments to showcase my strengths and abilities.  I was treated with respect throughout the entire process.  Within a few weeks, I was fortunate to be interviewing at CPS for an internal position.   I have been on the job as a Recruiting Assistant in their Temporary Division for three months and I thoroughly enjoy it.  I am able to talk with candidates daily to help them with their search.  I know exactly how they are feeling and want to do everything I can to help them while also finding “perfect fits” for our clients.

Temp work is a great place to start your job search.  You are able to build confidence along with building job skills and gaining valuable experience.  Many temp jobs can lead to permanent employment and it is a great way to get your foot in the door and be noticed!

If you are a job seeker looking to find a great place to work, please feel free to contact me to get started.  I can be reached at asessler@cpsprofessionals.com or on LinkedIn.

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