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What Is the Difference Between Staffing and Professional Recruitment?

Many managers believe that staffing and professional recruitment services are the same things. While there are a few similarities, the two offerings are very different.

Both staffing services and professional recruitment have their strengths, making each one ideal for specific scenarios. As a result, companies must choose the right one based on their needs. That way, they achieve the desired result quickly and efficiently.

If you want to make sure your company is using the best approach, here’s a look at the difference between staffing and professional recruitment.

What Staffing Services Offer

Most staffing-related work falls into one of two categories. First, it can be candidate identification and placement for short-term needs. When a company needs a temporary worker to assist with a seasonal upswing, cover an employee absence, or enhance productivity for a specific interim, the staffing approach is usually ideal.

Second, businesses that require a large number of semi-skilled workers quickly may prefer staffing services. Often, staffing firms can locate and oversee a large number of placements in a short timeframe.

In some cases, staffing agencies also perform other services. They may analyze your workforce to anticipate your needs, allowing placements to be made at the right time. In some cases, they’ll also develop unique talent pools for companies, particularly those who need to fill a large number of similar jobs quickly or regularly.

What Professional Recruitment Offers

While professional recruitment also involves the identification of candidates, there are many aspects of the service that separate it from staffing. Typically, professional recruitment is used for long-term, permanent roles, more commonly those that require a well-developed skill set.

To initiate the process, a recruiter first works with the prospective employer, identifying the company’s primary needs, and developing job ads. Then, the recruiter handles the majority of the recruiting process. They will source candidates, relying on their expertise to find the right type of job seeker. Additionally, they will manage the initial screening process, narrowing down the talent pool to a filtered list of highly qualified individuals.

Before recommending any candidate, the recruiter ensures not only that the job seeker has the right hard skills, but will also be a match to the company’s culture. Their goal is to find the perfect match the first time, ensuring both the candidate and employer benefit.

Which Option Is Right for You

Both staffing and professional recruitment have their strengths. The approach that’s right for your company ultimately depends on your organization’s unique needs. Consider the kind of job you want to fill and how you define your ideal candidate. Once you do, you can likely determine which of the two options above is the most effective for your scenario.

If you’d like to learn more or are engaging in partnering with a skilled firm that can handle your staffing and professional recruitment needs, the team at CPS Recruitment wants to hear from you. Contact us today and see how our services can make finding your ideal candidates as simple as possible.

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