What is Temp to Hire? And Why Do Companies Want It?


Have you heard of temp-to-hire jobs? Or perhaps considered temp-to-hire as a stepping stone in your job search? It can be the perfect option for candidates who want to meet new people, acquire new skills and check out new opportunities before they land in the permanent position of their choice.

Benefits of Temp-to-Hire

In a temp-to-hire job, you work through an agency, which places you in a temporary assignment with a company. If you do well and the position is a good fit, you may be hired as a permanent employee. While there’s no guarantee that will happen, there are some solid reasons to consider temp-to-hire as you progress your career and achieve the work/life balance that meets your individual needs:

  • Networking: You can meet a lot of people and grow your professional contact list through temp-to-hire assignments. Company managers – and sometimes vendors, customers and others in the business – see the results of your work and the value you add. And you get to see what the job market really looks like in your area of expertise.
  • A boost to your self-confidence: Job hunting can wear you down. Nothing is more defeating than a rejection letter – or two or three. In a temp-to-hire job, you’re reminded of how good you are at what you do. This helps rejuvenate your job search efforts.
  • Resume reinforcement: As a temp-to-hire employee, you may get to work in a new area or industry, as well as master new skills, technologies or business methods.
  • A foot in the door: A temp-to-hire arrangement can be a win-win situation. You have a chance to give a job a trial run and see if it’s right for you in the long term. The company likewise has an opportunity to evaluate you, with no permanent strings attached. If you want and are offered a permanent position, great! And if things don’t work out, there’s little loss for you or your temporary employer.

Dispelling the Myths

Temp-to-hire work is sometimes dismissed by job seekers for the wrong reasons. While they are attracted to the flexibility, autonomy and other perks involved, they reject the temp-to-hire option based on these myths:

  • It’s low level. Often, the opposite is true. Temp-to-hire workers often are assigned to innovative, challenging projects.
  • It doesn’t pay well. Temp-to-hire workers typically are compensated at or even above current market rates. If you have skills that are in particularly high demand, you can command a premium wage.
  • You have to put your job search on hold. You may need to adjust your search for a permanent position, but you can certainly continue it during your temp-to-hire assignment. In fact, the assignment may open your eyes to new organizations, industries and possibilities. And of course, your job search becomes history if and when you accept a permanent job with a company.

CPS and Professionals Inc. has a wide range of temp-to-hire assignments available in the accounting, administrative, customer service, health care, legal, manufacturing and light industrial arenas in the Syracuse market and beyond. If you are looking for temporary jobs in Syracuse, contact our team today.


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