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What Goes Around, Comes Around…

By Tracie Tucci, CTS

In 2001, a few months after I graduated from college and couldn’t find a job, I came to Contemporary Personnel Staffing.  Luckily, Ellen my current co-worker,  immediately placed me out to work in a temporary position at United Parcel Service.  I was a temp for 8 months prior to being hired on to a permanent position there.  Five years later, I was ready for my next career move.  Without hesitation, who did I turn to…? Contemporary Personnel Staffing!  I had searched their website and found the exact position I wanted: “recruiter!”  Over five years later, I am still here and still loving being a recruiter:  I love helping people land good jobs and love helping my customers find the best talent available!

 Within the past few weeks I have had 3 past candidates come back to me at CPS for assistance with finding their next career!  Based on their previous performance, I was thrilled to assist them in securing gainful and rewarding employment.  In today’s competitive job market, a client is far more likely to interview a candidate that is a proven performer.   These are the people that I am confident will represent themselves and CPS in a professional manner based on their past performance and integrity on the job.   It is truly a pleasure to help my previous employees grow their careers in a new direction just as Contemporary Personnel Staffing had done for me.

 The moral of my story:  In business and in life, always be mindful of every opportunity  because what goes around comes around!

To learn more about Tracie Tucci, and how her 5+ years of experience can help you find a job, or locate the best talent in CNY, contact her at ttucci@cpsprofessionals.com.  She’s loves connecting great people with great jobs!

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