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Want a Promotion in Your Finance Career? Start Here!

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Whether you’ve been pushing forward in your finance career for years or are just beginning to climb the corporate ladder, determining how to pursue a promotion isn’t always clear. In fact, some of the traditional methods involving long hours and hoping you’ll get noticed might not be the path you need to follow.

Leadership within your organization is likely looking for someone who can do more than just manage their assigned tasks. This means it is more important to get noticed for something unique than for your ability to put your nose to the grindstone. To help you find ways to stand out amongst the sea of other finance professionals, here are some tips to get your efforts on target.

Meaningful Metrics

Every organization values things differently and finding out which measures carry the most meaning in your company can help you craft a strategy that is designed to get you noticed. This approach is even more effective when these are the kinds of metrics that lead to larger recognition.

So, don’t be afraid to step out of the routine and begin pursuing opportunities that are destined to bring you more attention. Just make sure that whatever it is you do, you do it well. Otherwise, you may get noticed for all of the wrong reasons.

Look to Those That Came Before You

If there are current employees who started where you are and ended up where you want to be, take some time to consider how they accomplished the transition. This isn’t about attempting to copy those individuals. Instead, it is a source of inspiration and guidance about how to make your own strengths shine.

Identify any shared traits and skills between those who were previously promoted and see if you either possess them or can acquire them. Yes, this may require some personal development, but knowing the path to take means you know how your efforts can be rewarded.

Ask for Guidance

If you have the skills and are involved in the right project, but still can’t seem to land the promotion, it may be time to set any pride aside and ask for input. Speak with your manager and see what you need to do to reach the next rung on the career ladder. This move also shows initiative, and sometimes that is all you need to do to get new opportunities to move up.

Additionally, this move can be a great reality check if you are currently aiming too high. If you aren’t just looking to move up a step or two, but are hoping to leap forward without real justification (such as earning a new degree in a relevant field), your manager might simply let you know that a move that large isn’t in the cards today.

Understand When to Leave

Sometimes you are doing all of the right things at your current company but are still kept in a holding pattern. Though it is important to note that a promotional opportunity isn’t always open with your current company, there comes a point when it is time to look outside of the company for a new position.

Some companies regularly promote from within, while others just don’t have a culture that supports those moves. If that is the case, it is time to dust off your resume and get back into a job seeker mentality.

If you are interested in finding new career options in the finance community, CPS Recruitment® can help you explore new opportunities. Contact us and see how your next promotion might be just around the corner.


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