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Use These Tips to Keep Your Workplace Motivated Around the Holidays

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The holidays are an exciting, but hectic time of year. Employees may be planning vacations, juggling multiple personal responsibilities, and managing their workload at the same time. Often, the key to keeping employees motivated is a combination of offering stress management opportunities with recognition activities. To help you identify new ways to motivate your employees, here are some tips to kick things off.

Say Thank You

A little appreciation can go a long way toward improving morale in the workplace. Whether you want to give employees small gifts or a simple handwritten thank you card, making an effort to show that you understand how valuable they are to your company can help give them the energy to keep moving forward. We all like being recognized for a job well done, and now is a great time to do just that.

Cater a Lunch

Free food is almost always a winner in every workplace. Instead of hosting a potluck, which just adds additional duties to your employees’ plates, consider going the extra mile and having it catered. It doesn’t necessarily need to be fancy, just take the time to make the necessary arrangements and have the food available onsite.

Not only is this an additional sign of appreciation, but it is also a way to remove a burden from your employees’ shoulders. For at least one day, they know lunch is covered, and that can be a surprising relief during hectic times.

Flexible Scheduling

If you have the employees to support it, consider providing additional flexible scheduling options during the holidays. This helps give your team a chance to do their work at a time that meets their needs. Often, personal demands are more complicated to manage during the holidays. Banks and medical offices are closed more often, and everything immediately feels more time sensitive. If you can give your employees some wiggle room, they will likely be more productive than they would be otherwise.


Sometimes every office needs a party, and the winter holiday season is a very good time for it. Consider arranging an annual awards event, include food and games, and have fun prizes. You can even organize a Secret Santa exchange or White Elephant gift exchange. Having a party can do wonders for morale and gives everyone the chance to interact on a more social level in a friendly environment.

Simply Ask

One of the easiest ways to discover what your employees need to stay motivated is to ask them directly. Each person may have slightly different needs, and you might be able to accommodate them. Most employees understand that businesses can only go so far to help alleviate the stress from the season, so it is unlikely you will receive many unreasonable requests.

In fact, sometimes just asking if you can help is enough to give employees a second wind. Again, it is a gesture of appreciation, and that is always welcomed.

Looking for More?

If you want more information about how to keep your employees motivated during the holidays or have a hiring need for the New Year, CPS Recruiting is here to keep you motivated during this busy season. Contact CPS Recruitment® and work with their skilled professionals today.


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