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Use These Tips to Keep Your Sales Staff Engaged at Work

When you want your sales staff to excel, engagement may be the key to success. Employees who are engaged at work are typically more motivated, leading to increased productivity. Plus, they also tend to be happier, something that not only improves your culture but can also positively impact your bottom line.

If you are looking for ways to keep your sales staff engaged, here are some tips to get you started.

Set New Deadlines

When you want to keep your sales staff engaged, deadlines can actually be excellent motivators. If your team members are faced with a reasonable challenge, it can improve focus and productivity. In contrast, if you set a lenient timeline for an easy task, they might not be inspired to jump in and get it done.

By setting new deadlines, you can increase engagement. If a task is simple or quick, choose a due date that pushes them slightly. When an assignment is naturally challenging, select a deadline that encourages them to focus but doesn’t leave them frantic.

For example, consider challenging your team to hit their monthly sales targets three business days early, or their weekly goal on Thursday instead of Friday. If you want to up the ante, consider offering a reward if they meet the new deadline instead of punishing those that don’t. Often, an incentive is more effective than fear when you truly want them to shine.

Create Opportunities for Growth

Most sales professionals have aspirations beyond their current role. However, they may need to build certain skills or gain experience in key areas to make their goals a reality.

Providing your sales team with professional development opportunities can have a significant impact on engagement. Not only does it show the company wants to support their growth, but it also allows them to explore something new. Plus, as your team becomes more experienced, you reap the benefits of their improved skill sets.

There are numerous ways to help support your staff’s growth. For example, you could offer formal training or create a mentorship program. Tuition reimbursement may be beneficial as well as cross-training opportunities. Anything that allows your team to dig into something new could do the trick, so see what options you are comfortable offering and work to implement them.

Recognize Achievements

Sales professionals tend to have competitive natures and appreciate being rewarded for a job well done. While many do earn a commission, this doesn’t always satisfy their needs, as that experience is typically private.

However, by openly recognizing achievement, you can create a new source of motivation, upping engagement and encouraging a higher level of performance. This can include anything from announcing a met goal at a staff meeting to treating them to lunch when certain objectives are achieved.

Ultimately, any method that allows you to acknowledge them publicly can be effective, so make sure to create a culture of recognition if you want to improve engagement.

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