Understanding Your Paycheck – Tips for Our Employees!

Understanding your paycheck, reminders and helpful tips from your payroll team!

Did you know that your dedicated CPS and Professionals Incorporated payroll team generates 500+ paychecks per week and we do it all in house? Our entire payroll operation takes place right here in our office and we are available for you for questions and assistance when understanding your paycheck. This is a time sensitive and timely process and we rely on our valued employees and clients to send in the timecards/timesheets to us by our weekly deadline of Monday at 5:00 pm. We can’t do it alone and we depend on the cooperation of our valued employees and clients to send us the correct payroll information weekly for us to process accurately! A true team effort!

We’d like to take a moment to share some helpful tips when you receive your first paycheck or a friendly reminder to those who have been working for us for quite some time, remember to take a close look at your paycheck weekly!

Review your Personal Information – Your name, address, zip code, is everything correct? We use this data to submit and process your weekly pay along with your W2 for tax reporting purposes. If you see an error, let us know and we can correct it immediately. Even if you no longer work for us, we will send you a W2 for the past year worked, if you have moved, just call us with your new address, that way you will receive your W2 in a timely manner.

Your Hours, Your Pay Rate – Upon accepting your assignment from your Recruiter, the hours and pay would have been confirmed before starting the job. Did you work the hours showing last week? Any overtime owed? Is your pay rate correct?

Total Gross is different than Total Net – Gross is the money you made based on the hours you’ve worked for the past week. Net is the amount after taxes, deductions, also called your “take home pay.”

What are all of those deductions?– All of the money taken out for insurance, taxes, support notices, and more, including but not limited to Social Security Tax, Medicare, Federal Tax Withholding (amount claimed on your W4) State Tax Withholding (amount claimed on your state tax form), local disability tax.

How can I change my deductions?– Discuss with your tax preparer before starting an assignment and ensure that what you are withholding is right for you. If you do need to change an amount, simply fill out a new form, send it to us and we will update for you accordingly.

Like your check deposited into your bank account?– Simple and VERY popular! Save yourself a trip to the bank; have us deposit your check into your account for you! Don’t worry; you will still receive a weekly paystub for your review! Just fill out our direct deposit form, send it to us or drop it off with a voided check/savings account slip from your bank and we will take care of the rest.

We’re just an email or phone call away…..please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us anytime…



(315) 457-2500 or (315) 458-2100, just ask for Payroll, we are here to help….

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