Uncover Your Career Passion – And Give Back to the CNY Community!

Typically, people initially select a career path based on what they believe they will enjoy. It isn’t uncommon for young adults to have limited (if any) experience in a field when they begin pursuing it, either as a college major or potential profession, and most don’t get it right the first time.

Often, the best way to determine what career actually ignites your passion is to get hands-on experience in a variety of areas. However, bouncing between jobs isn’t always a practical, let alone ideal, approach, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have options.

Volunteering can give you a chance to explore different fields and industries in real-world settings. Plus, it provides you with an opportunity to give back to the CNY community. If you are wondering how volunteering can help you find your career passion and how you can find a suitable position, here’s what you need to know.

Volunteering to Uncover Your Passion

Volunteer roles offer a unique paradigm. You get to work in a position without the level of commitment traditionally associated with formal employment. Plus, many organizations that accept volunteers are open to letting you try new things or learn as you go. If you don’t have prior experience in the sector, that isn’t inherently a barrier when you want to volunteer.

If there is a field, industry, or type of job that intrigues you, see if you can find an available volunteering opportunity in that area. This will allow you to have a hands-on experience that gives you a chance to determine whether pursuing something similar as a career may be right for you.

Plus, you’ll get exposed to a wide range of professionals and interesting situations. Something you may not have initially considered as a potential career may unexpectedly become part of your day, and could ignite a passion you didn’t know you had. And, along the way, you get to provide value to your community, something that can give you a level of satisfaction hard to find elsewhere.

How to Find Volunteering Opportunities in CNY

One of the easiest ways to find volunteer opportunities is to contact organizations you would like to help. Often, you can find a phone number or email address on the organization’s website, and they may even have clear instructions on how to apply to be a volunteer or for current opportunities.

Alternatively, you can head online to find options. Sites like VolunteerMatch.org have search tools that allow you to see what may be available in CNY. You can also narrow down the results based on your areas of interest, such as Arts & Culture, Computers & Technology, Animals, and more.

If you would like to learn more about how you can uncover your career passion or are currently seeking new jobs in CNY, the professionals at CPS Recruitment can help you explore your options. Contact us to speak with one of our experienced recruiters today and see how our career-building expertise can benefit you.

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