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Twitter Accounts Active Job Seekers Should Follow

Twitter Accounts Active Job Seekers Should Follow in 2014

As you maximize the benefits of social media in your job search, be sure to include Twitter as a key resource. Twitter is a valuable tool for building your online reputation and bringing you to the attention of employers and recruiters.

Among the Twitter accounts you should follow are:


Susan P. Joyce has 48.3 thousand followers on this account, which is billed as “your guide to a smarter job search.” She posts job listings, advice and helpful articles on topics including lifestyle-friendly, midlife and entrepreneurial career options.

  • If you’re unemployed, turn to @JobHuntOrg for guidance on handling your job loss or issues specific to veterans, Baby Boomers, introverts or new graduates.
  • Joyce’s Forbes Top 100 site assists you with challenges ranging from enhancing your job viability and optimizing your social media presence to professionally rejecting the wrong offers.


LinkedIn’s Twitter account provides career listings directly into your own feed.

  • More than 161 million professionals worldwide have connected to LinkedIn since its launch in 2003. You can join work-related groups and submit applications via Apply with Linkedin.


With 121,000 followers, @TweetMyJobs is a leading social and mobile job distribution network. Relevant search advice and openings can be sent directly to you and great job matches are provided where and when you need them.

  • As an added bonus, this account offers uplifting quotes to boost you when your spirits are down.


You’re probably familiar with Glassdoor, named on the premise that it’s a figurative online door made of glass that gives you transparency into your potential future workplaces. Its Twitter account has 42.8 thousand followers.

  • Among other features, you can access reviews and salary information on the jobs and businesses that spike your interest.


Author, speaker and columnist Alexandra Levit has 139,000 followers on her Twitter account. She offers guidance on how to make the most of your current employment, work well with your boss, and move on to the next level.

  • Levit’s information is geared chiefly toward those who are more established in their careers and related challenges.


Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated regularly share job seeker advice and also available opportunities in the Syracuse, NY area and beyond.

Become a Power User

If you don’t yet have a Twitter job search account, you can set one up, independent from your personal account, so you can promote your professional self to the Twitterverse.

  • Pick a user name that supports your job search. These are the only names that are automatically included in retweets, so keep them short, descriptive and memorable.
  • You also have a Twitter account name. It goes beside your user name on your bio – and it doesn’t have to be unique. For instance, you can use your actual name or, if you’ve already applied it as your user name, consider a professional description for your account name. If your user name is @JackSmith, your account name might be “C-suite branding,” which is your profession.
  • Include a photo and a bio on your home page. Use the same professional picture that you post on LinkedIn, for consistency purposes. Make your bio user friendly, searchable and noticeable.

Keeping up with social media trends and how to use them to your professional advantage can be mind boggling. To optimize your social media job search strategy, follow the experts at Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated on twitter @syracusejobs; on Facebook; on LinkedIn; and even on Pinterest. We’ll help you make it happen!

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