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Most professionals understand how powerful recognition and gratitude can be. When a manager acknowledges your effort and showcases their appreciation, it can make all of the hard work even more worthwhile. Plus, it may energize you to push through the next challenge, putting a proverbial spring in your step for the next few days, weeks, or longer.

But, managers aren’t necessarily the only ones who should be expressing their gratitude for the contributions of others. By regularly thanking your colleagues, co-workers and even managers, you can not just make their day more enjoyable, but yours as well.

If you would like to know how writing thank-you notes to your professional connections can improve your job and life, here’s what you need to know.

Reasons to Express Your Gratitude

There isn’t a single professional who operates entirely in a silo. Everyone relies on someone else at some point during the performance of their duties. Whether it’s a teammate, manager, client or member of your network, you’ve likely benefited from someone else’s effort.

For example, you may be working with a co-worker on a project, meaning both of you are performing tasks that move it forward. Your manager may provide you with guidance that can help you exceed expectations, increasing the odds you’ll land a promotion, or a member of your network might refer you to a job that isn’t publicly advertised, furthering your career. A client might present you with an engaging project, giving you a chance to put new skills to work.

In all of those cases, you are benefitting from the effort of others. And, by taking a moment to send them a thank-you note, you are acknowledging their work.

The Power of the Thank-You Note

When you send a thank-you note, you are carving time out of your day to showcase your appreciation for someone else. Not only is it the polite and professional thing to do, but it can also brighten someone else’s day, all while ensuring you make a positive and lasting impression.

Many people feel generally underappreciated in their lives. So, when you send that note, you are relieving that sensation, even if it’s just for a moment. This can make someone else feel happier, including those you work with, which may make them more productive. Plus, it can lead to higher overall morale, creating a more pleasant work environment.

Additionally, by expressing your thanks, you are enhancing your reputation. You’ll be viewed as a gracious person, and that may make it easier to get someone’s help in the future. Often, people prefer to lend a hand to those who acknowledge and appreciate their effort. As a result, your simple thank-you note makes a strong impression that increases the odds they will be there for you, should the need ever arise. This could include anything from referring you to a job opening to ensuring work done by a teammate on a joint project is top-notch, ensuring it meets your needs as well as those of the organization.

Ultimately, writing a thank-you note only takes a moment, but it can be incredibly beneficial and rewarding. If you’d like to learn more about gratitude at work, the team at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to speak with a member of our skilled team today and see how our expertise can benefit you.If it’s time to find a new Upstate NY job, check out our newest opportunities today!

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