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This Is What Your Employees Want!

Most successful companies have something in common; their employees are happy. While you might be able to attract top talent with a stellar compensation package, most won’t stick around long-term if the environment and culture are poor or the benefits offered don’t meet their needs.

While many business leaders assume they have little control over how employees feel on the job, that isn’t actually the case. There are things you can do to increase job satisfaction, morale and even happiness to secure higher retention rates, greater productivity norms, and better company culture.

If you want to make sure your team is happy, you need to give your employees what they want in certain areas. With that in mind, here are a few places to explore if you’re going to increase worker happiness.

Promote Work-Life Balance

Without good work-life balance, employees are typically stressed and may even burn out. If your workers are overtasked, frequently required to take on overtime to meet demand, or can’t get their leave approved for a vacation because of existing workloads, it is highly likely their work-life balance is suffering.

Not only will their performance at work suffer due to falling morale, not having enough time to manage their personal lives will compound the stress they are feeling. This creates a downward spiral, and some of your employees won’t last long in that workplace climate.

By promoting work-life balance, you can reduce the stress your team is feeling. Whether this involves flexible work schedules, the option to work from home, bringing in contingent workers to help them avoid overtime, or anything else that makes juggling all their obligations more manageable, they are important additions that can make your employees happier.

Comprehensive Benefits Packages

Benefits give your employees a significant amount of peace of mind. Medical, dental and vision coverage ensures they can maintain their health and the health of their family members. Retirement plans assist them in meeting their future needs (particularly if there is an employer match) and simplifies the savings process, making it less stressful. Life insurance gives them a way to keep their family financially secure, should the worst happen.

Without a comprehensive benefits package, your employees may have worries that plague them on a daily basis. Plus, they may start seeking out opportunities elsewhere, especially if they can get a better package from your competitors.

If you want to keep your workers satisfied, a benefits package is a must. Review what you offer and compare it to industry standards. If it doesn’t measure up, make adjustments quickly.

Professional Development Opportunities

Most workers have professional goals beyond their current role. As a result, they value employers who can help them move forward and aren’t as enamored with those that don’t.

If you want to keep your workers happy, offering them access to training, skill development, mentorship, formal education, and similar programs can go a long way. It shows you care about their futures and are willing to invest in them, both of which will make them feel more loyal to your company and increasingly satisfied with their decision to work for you.

Ultimately, nearly all employees want what is listed above. By making sure those things are available, you can maintain a happy and productive workforce.

If you’d like to know more, the team at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to speak with one of our skilled staff members today and see how our employee morale expertise can benefit you.

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