The Reason You’re Not Getting Candidates

here's a Reason You're Not Getting Candidates

You’re doing everything right when it comes to talent acquisition – or so you thought. You’re networking, your social media presence is compelling and up-to-date, and your overall strategy is right on point.

With the exception of one key tactic: A job application process that’s efficient, effective and user friendly. Sure, you have a careers page on your company website. But can candidates access job opportunities with a single click? While you may have the rest of your system down pat, what happens after a person hits “Apply Now” may be the problem.

The Good News: It’s Easy to Fix

Recent research tells the story of the importance of your careers page in general and your application process in particular.

  • 8 percent of after-college job seekers prefer to find their jobs through a company’s careers page.
  • 34 percent of candidate who try to apply fail to complete the process, simply because it’s too much of a hassle.

Your Applicant Tracking System (ATS) may offer some assistance telling you what to change or enhance – or you can turn to your partner recruitment firm to help tackle the issue.

  • Run through your ATS process yourself. If candidates have to jump through too many hoops in order to apply, it’s probably time for a new solution.
  • Tell applicants exactly what to expect from your recruiting process. What are the next steps? How long will it be until they hear back from you? This is especially important to recent grads and young job seekers, who may be experiencing a formal application process for the first time.

Optimize Your Careers Page

Look at your careers page from the candidate’s perspective. Make navigating it a seamless, positive user experience and a natural extension of your employment brand.

  • Make it prominent. For starters, candidates must be able to immediately find your careers page when they access your website. Don’t bury it.
  • Optimize it for mobile. Make sure your site and careers page are viewable across multiple screens and devices. Seventy-seven percent of job seekers now use mobile apps in the searches.
  • Use compelling content, photos and videos to tell your story. Describe your company and its culture and provide key characteristics of and testimonials from your employees. Make it SEO friendly so people easily find it via Bing, Google or other engines.
  • Include social media sharing buttons. Post and boast. Connect your company Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn accounts to your social pages. Candidates may want to tweet a link to your page to some of their fellow job seekers or send an email referral.
  • Make it possible to show interest without actually applying. Continually develop your talent pipeline and nurture relationships with individuals who are not yet ready to apply, but may be in the future. This also helps you track where applicants are coming from.
  • Identify a point of contact. Provide someone to whom candidates can forward their resume as way of showing interest in your company, not necessarily one of your open positions. Then, their information will be on file and easily accessible if and when a good fit is identified. Or, you may be able to create a new position based on your needs and what a candidate has to offer.

The specialized recruitment team at Contemporary Personnel Staffing and Professionals Incorporated can help you streamline your application and overall hiring process. Contact us today at (315) 457-2500 or so we can customize a plan for your organization.

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