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The Big Choice

Whether you are looking to hire or job hunting, staffing agencies can eliminate the hassle and stress that comes with both.  Staffing and recruiting companies are committed to bringing the right people and the right companies together.  Utilizing the services of a staffing firm can benefit both the employer and employee because each party involved has the opportunity to assess if it will be a good fit without a major commitment.  Let’s explore some of the benefits to utilizing staffing agency services from both the client and candidate perspective!


Advantages for Clients:

1. Obamacare – Assist in keeping payroll under 50 employees and having candidates through an agencies payroll.

2. Time Saver Agencies will go through all resume submissions to find the 3 top applicants so companies don’t have to!

3. Flexibility Assistance with meeting demands of seasonal work.

4. Low Risk Contingent searching/placement guarantees. Clients only pay if recruiters produce. Guarantees are sometimes offered for placements that don’t work out, etc.

5. Talent pool – Agencies speak with potential prospects every single day. Companies can seldom compile a candidate pool with the same depth of talent, and even if they do, they often lack an organized system of accessing the right skills when they need them.


Benefits for Candidates:

1. Confidentiality Assist in job search to avoid posting resume on a job board and have a current employer find out.

2. Accessibility Learn of opportunities that are not posted on job boards or other public sites.

3. Communication As the role of technology has increased in the hiring process, the communication between companies and candidates has slipped. Many candidates express their frustration that they don’t know if a company received their resume, and they don’t get any feedback after an interview. Working with an agency can be a much more personal process.

4. Preparation Employment agencies will prep you for interviews so you impress your potential employer. If you look bad, then they look bad. You will never go into an interview blind.

5. Negotiation assistance Employment agencies want to make sure that both the employee and employer are satisfied. So, if you have a problem with your placement or need to negotiate benefits or salary, agencies will work with and for you.


For more information on how CPS and Professionals Incorporated can help you, please visit our website www.cpsprofessionals.com or call us at 315.457.2500!

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