The Best-Kept Secret for Acing a Customer Service Interview

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The process of landing a new customer service job is simple: submit an application, nail the interview, and accept the job. But, just because it is simple, it isn’t necessarily easy. Many candidates find the interview process difficult and fairly intimidating, but that is because they don’t know the best-kept secret for acing a customer service interview: Recognizing that interviewing is a skill.

Being a top-notch interviewee isn’t something that just happens. It requires work and practice. So, how does a person improve their customer service interview skills? By following the tips below.

Do Your Research

When you wrote research papers in school, you likely didn’t have a full grasp of the subject when you received the assignment. Getting an interview is just like getting a school assignment; it signals the time to dig in deeper and prepare your material.

You want to take some time to get to know the company. Most businesses maintain a significant amount of information on their website, so bring up the page and take the full tour. If you don’t know where to begin, look for sections that speak to what the organization is all about. Company histories and “about us” pages provide a wealth of information, and those details are handy to know in an interview.

Aim for Confident, Not Cocky

Having confidence in your abilities is key to a successful customer service interview. But you don’t want that confidence to morph into something less appealing, like conceit or cockiness. Mastering your delivery when you discuss your experiences and abilities can help you talk the fine line between the two.

Most interview questions are fairly standard, so look up some common interview questions online and practice your answers. And make sure you practice out loud.

If you have someone who can help you practice, enlist their help when crafting answers. They can give you feedback about your tone and word choice, giving you a chance to develop these critical interviewing skills.

Let Your “You” Shine Through

While practicing answers to interview questions can help you develop more effective delivery techniques, you don’t want your response to sound canned. One way to avoid sounding as if you simply pulled your interview answers from an online source, make sure your personality shines through in your answers. Don’t be afraid to let a few quirks show or to have a sense of humor when you give answers related to previous workplace experiences.

Trying to restrain your personality can make answering questions harder, so they may seem more mechanical than natural. Additionally, you want to make sure the corporate culture will suit you. If an interviewer has a chance to see some of your idiosyncrasies, it is more likely that you will fit into the larger environment.

So, when you practice your customer service interview skills, don’t feel like you need to hold yourself back (too much) as you improve your delivery.

If you are looking for more interview tips or are looking for your next customer service position, CPS Recruitment® is here to help. Contact us and see what job opportunities may be available to you.


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