The Benefits of Temporary Work in Syracuse


According to recent research, 36 percent of U.S. companies are operating with smaller permanent staffs than they employed before the economic recession. This total is increasing with time, up from 28 percent in 2009. This bodes well for you if you’re considering temporary work as a new lifestyle or as stepping stone on your permanent career path.

Contrary to common assumptions, you can command a generous salary as a temporary consultant if you have the in-demand skills and experience employers need on short notice. Because they can bypass the handholding and learning curve of a less experienced, lower paid worker, they’re often willing to pay top dollar in order to meet key project deadlines and fill critical staffing gaps.

Career-Building Advantages

A temporary assignment may or may not segue into a permanent position, but either way, it’s a smart move in the long run. If it’s a good job that piques your interest and passion, you can subtly let it be known that you’d love an opportunity to be considered for a full-time position should things change. And if it’s just what it claimed to be – a temporary gig – there are still numerous professional, personal and psychological benefits to be gleaned from the experience.

  • Temp jobs have become a lot less “temporary.” While most temporary work used to be assigned by day or week, three to six-month assignments or longer have become the norm. And positioning yourself well as a temporary employee puts you high on the candidate selection list when a permanent job opens.
  • Temporary work omits resume gaps. Working as a temporary consultant is a sign of your resourcefulness, creativity and open-mindedness in moving from one assignment to another. This is a valued asset by hiring managers across the board. You strengthen your resume on two levels, first by adding the skills and experience you gain at your temp assignments and secondly by omitting any timeline gaps in your experience section.
  • By working in temporary assignments, you build your professional network. You never know where a contact may lead you, as you nurture relationships with your managers and coworkers. It’s a great way to earn the respect of prospective employers and secure new references for them to contact.

Personal Perks

If you’ve been unemployed for an extended period and are feeling adrift about your next move, work as a temporary employee can be just the bridge you need.

  • Even if it’s not your ideal job, working is an enormous psychological boost. A temporary assignment offers the added plus of letting you get psyched about a project without the pressures of long-term expectations. No job is forever, anyway. This one is just shorter than most – and sometimes, that can be very freeing.
  • You choose when you want to work. Achieving the right work/life balance is critical to your overall sense of satisfaction, productivity and value.

To boost your career and broaden your base professional experience, temporary consulting is an excellent option. By working with a professional career coach, you benefit from added services including tips and guidance on resume development and interviewing. Plus, your coach will provide ongoing feedback so you can continuously improve and ultimately succeed with your long-term job search plan.

If you are interested in temp jobs in Syracuse, NY, visit our job board today to learn about some amazing opportunities.


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