Ten Years in the Industry: why I love my job

By Ellen Mable, CTS | Administrative Recruiter

Over  the past few months, my co-worker’s blogs  have been filled with expert advice and thoughtful Do’s and Don’ts. This week it is my turn and I am taking a different approach with giving personal insight as to why I love my job.

Staffing is notoriously a high-stress burn out industry that can lead to extensive turnover. I have beaten those odds with my ten year anniversary approaching at Central New York’s premier staffing firm Contemporary Personnel Staffing.

My journey in this position began with learning how to interview, recruit, and match the best candidate with the appropriate company. It has been an amazing adventure with no two days the same. It has been engaging, interesting and so much fun to see how this profession has evolved over the years.

There are three specific parts of my recruiting career that have meant the most to me and have kept me loving it day in and day out.  They are the three c’s:

Clients– Contemporary Personnel Staffing is a client based firm. Our clients come first and without these partners, we would not be where we are today. My company’s mission with our clients is to always deliver the very best professional service for each of their staffing needs what ever they maybe. While living up to our company standards, I have developed long standing relationships, and have made friends with our clients. There is no better feeling then knowing that local premier companies work exclusively with me and other members of my recruiting team. I  recently had a testimonial written on my behalf from a wonderful client. I was truly honored by this recommendation (it’s on my LinkedIn profile if you’re interested!).

Candidates-We take pride in our product– which is all of the active job seekers that are registered with Contemporary Personnel Staffing. I personally have worked with and placed hundreds of talented people over the years and have established strong relationships. CPS as a whole receives thank you notes on a daily basis from candidates that we have helped start their careers or gave support throughout their job search. It is an incredible feeling to know that we have made a difference in people’s lives.

Co- Workers– Last, but certainly not least, the staff at Contemporary Personnel Staffing is like no other. Our President, along with our management team,  has hand-picked an incredible team, and I am proud to have been a part of it for the past ten years. It is truly rare to wake up everyday and be happy to go to work and spend the majority of your day with individuals that you consider family.

I have been blessed with an amazing career opportunity at Contemporary Personnel Staffing. I enjoy working with all of the people I interact with on a daily basis. So whether you’re a client or a candidate, be assured that you’re in the best hands when you reach out to me and my coworkers here!    We take pride in what we do, and it shows!

Ellen Mable and her team can be reached at 315.457.2500 to discuss job opportunities, the current job/candidate market, or if you’d just like some friendly advice! You can also connect with Ellen on LinkedIn.

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