How Temporary Workers can Help Your Workforce Recover after the Holidays

How Temporary Workers Can Help Your Workforce Recover After the Holidays

It’s the New Year – time to implement that strategic plan your company spent so much time developing. When it comes to your human capital and related objectives, temporary workers can help you meet both short- and long-term staffing needs in 2015.

Temporary workers enable you to staff up and down as needed, without the price tags associated with permanent employees. And in today’s post-recession market, it’s easier than ever to find top-performing temporary talent, including workers who were downsized or took early retirement during the past few years.

The benefits of hiring temporary workers as you progress through the year include:


Utilizing temporary employees, you can easily and frequently fluctuate your headcount to meet changing business needs. For many employers, this is especially valuable as the Affordable Care Act takes effect.

  • Temps can fill vacancies created by absences and disability leaves. They also can provide workers for positions that are scheduled to be phased out in your 2015 budget, as you complete your reorganization transition.
  • You’re spared costly payroll, benefit and administrative expenses. For starters, you pay temporary workers only for the hours actually spent on the job, so you can steer clear of costly overtime. The costs of medical and dental coverage, vacation and sick time and other income security benefits are covered by your staffing agency. This is especially important with the new ACA regulations! You also save on advertising open positions and completing costly recruitment and screening steps.

Talent Sourcing

Temporary employees generally are eager to work and want to prove themselves for future assignments or permanent hire. As an employer, you get to try before you buy – recruiting skilled temps and determining whether they’d make a good permanent fit before you invest in hiring them permanently.

  • If you’re waiting on permanent funding for a position, temps can help you bridge the gap. For instance, yours may be a not-for-profit organization awaiting a job-related grant approval.

Improved Morale

Perhaps your 2015 plans include staff reductions. This leaves your remaining workforce overtaxed, stressed and possibly burned out by the extra work they’ve had to take on. Extra help, even for a short period of time, can be a genuine boost to morale and the overall energy level of your core staff.

Could you benefit from temporary help as you roll out your 2015 HR strategy? The certified recruiters at Contemporary Personnel Staffing & Professionals Incorporated will customize an approach that guarantees your success, both for the short and long term. Contact us today at (315) 457-2500 or to learn more.

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