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Temping: Try It, You’ll Like It!

By Annie Sessler, Recruiting Assistant

I consider myself pretty lucky.  I was graduating from college and already had a full-time job lined up.  I am lucky because I happened to be at the right place at the right time.  (I also realize that some of my planning and hard work helped me find my job…)

After 9 months as a Recruiting Assistant, I can honestly say that the job market in Syracuse is exciting and very busy.  I have learned that companies are looking for hard-working, enthusiastic and conscientious employees.  The majority of employers know that many recent college grads may not have the exact experience they are looking for, but some companies are willing to take a chance.  Many of the jobs they need to fill are entry-level with opportunity for growth.  That is the exciting part of my job.  The busy part is finding the right person for the right job. 

 Have you ever considered working for a Temporary Staffing Firm?  It may be something that you are not even familiar with or may even be afraid of.  It may be daunting to think about leaving your job that you have had for many years and are very comfortable with. Well, you may not even have to leave your part-time job.  You may be able to “work temp” at the same time just to give it a try.  The first step is to call CPS at 457-2500 and we can help you with the process.

Temporary jobs fill a huge need in today’s job market.  Yes, they may be just that–temporary– but the jobs are an opportunity for an individual to try something new.  The temp job market gives you, the candidate, a chance to really see what a company is like and what jobs you do (and do not) like. 

I always thought I wanted a sales job because that is what I was familiar with.  I now realize that it was not the job for me.  Yes, I have sales in my job, but for the most part, my job is customer service.  I help interview and place prospective employees with our clients.  I help find what our clients are looking for and match the employee to their needs.  This means that I need to know what our temporary associates are looking for, too.  After applicants complete our  process of testing and interviewing, most are on their way to finding a new job.

 A true benefit to working on a temporary basis is that you can give a job a try.  You can complete an assignment and think about what you really liked about the job, or what you may not have liked.  Maybe it was the industry that you were working in, maybe you didn’t like the size of the company, maybe the location was too far, or just maybe, you really liked or loved everything about the job.  For recent grads, this is the perfect opportunity to get some experience not only to enhance your resume, but also to gain critical knowledge and networking that will help you in this competitive job market.  Finally, you can get solid professional references for future applications.   Call Contemporary Personnel Staffing today at 457-2500 and Kerri, Ellen or I will help you get started.  Try it, you may just like it!

Annie Sessler is a recent graduate of Nazareth College in Rochester, NY.  She can be reached at asessler@cpsprofessionals.com

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