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Staying active at work isn’t always the easiest thing to do, especially if your work has been changed to remote or work-from-home in the wake of COVID-19. Unless your job is physical by design, you might spend the vast majority of your time sitting or standing in one place. Essentially, your work life is incredibly sedentary, and that usually isn’t ideal, especially from a health perspective.

Luckily, it is possible to add more activity into any workday, all without significant disruption. If you want to be more active at work, no matter where you’re working from, here are some simple ways to squeeze in some extra movement without hindering your productivity.

Make Going for Distance the Norm

When your goal is to increase your activity level, one of the simplest ways to begin is to focus on extending the distance between where you are and your chosen destination. That makes walking a little more than usual a requirement, and you’ll fit in extra steps every single day without really noticing them.

Start with your arrival to work. If you drive, choose to park toward the rear of the lot. You want a space that is as far away from the doors as possible. That way, you’ll have to walk a little more every day.

Using the stairs instead of the elevator is also a smart move. If you can’t make it all of the ways up at first, then use the stairs for at least part of the trip. You can always extend the amount of time you’re on the stairs as your capabilities improve.

Another easy addition is to choose a bathroom, conference room, or break room that’s farther from your work station. It’s another way to squeeze in extra steps, and usually only adds a minute or two to the journey.

If you are now working from home, consider taking a short walk on lunch, or a longer one after your workday has ended. You may not be doing your normal daily motions, but you’ll be adding in the movements your body is missing from your regular day.

Fit in Exercises That Work at Your Desk

There are plenty of ways to fit a few exercises into a workday. By focusing on activities that you can do in short bursts, you end up more active without disrupting the flow of your day.

For example, as you reach your seat, take a moment, and do ten squats. Suggesting that you return to your office chair four times every day, that’s 40 squats.

Desk planks and desk pushups are also reasonably simple to squeeze in, allowing you to build up strength. Technically, any isometric exercise could be a wise addition. They don’t require a lot of movement, so they are subtle while being active.

Ultimately, by walking more and adding a few exercises to your routine, you can be more active with ease. It should only take a handful of minutes to get a couple of them done, giving you a chance to care for your health while remaining productive.

If you’d like to find out more about how to start getting active on the job, the staff at CPS Recruitment wants to hear from you. Contact us today and see how our health and wellness experts can benefit you.

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