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As a leader, one of the most challenging things you’ll need to do is put critical tasks in the hands of your team. When the successful completion of an assignment is crucial, the idea of giving the reins to someone else can be daunting. As a result, some managers decide to keep that duty on their plate instead, overburdening themselves instead of delegating.

However, failing to embrace delegation can be an incredibly bad move. You run the risk of being over-tasked, something that can hinder the quality of your output. Plus, your stress levels may skyrocket, you could fall behind on other duties, and you might eventually suffer from burnout.

Fortunately, if you are finding it difficult to delegate, there are things you can do. Here are some tips to get you started.

Learn About Your Team’s Workload

Many managers fail to delegate because they assume their team can’t handle additional assignments. However, that may not be an accurate assessment, particularly if you don’t have a solid understanding of their workload.

Before you bypass delegating entirely, speak with your employees. Find out who can or can’t offer you additional support. Often, when you ask if someone can take on a task, you’ll get a volunteer. When that happens, not only is the employee happy to take on the work – which can result in higher motivation, productivity, and quality of work – but you’ll also get the assistance you need, giving you an opportunity to direct your energy in another direction.

Trust in Your Team’s Capabilities

If you aren’t delegating because you think you’re the only person who can meet your expectations, then you are missing out on an opportunity. By handing out the task and offering your employees access to your expertise, you can cultivate their skills in ways that best benefit everyone. While they might not be perfect the first time, your top performers will likely do a solid job. Plus, over time, they’ll improve, allowing you to send more of that work their way and freeing up more of your time.

At times, you may even discover that you have an employee who excels in that area. When that occurs, you get a stellar result while also gaining time back that you can focus on duties that genuinely only you can do.

In either case, you will gain over the long-term. Then, cumulatively, you’ll be more productive and have higher quality results, creating an ideal scenario for all involved.

Don’t View Delegating as a Risk

Some managers fear that, by delegating, they are putting their careers at risk. They falsely assume that they won’t be viewed as needed or as a valuable member of the company, effectively allowing fear to hold back them and their team.

In reality, effective delegation is a coveted skill possessed by many empowering and successful leaders. It allows your team (including you) to excel and reach new heights of productivity, and that makes you look like an asset.

Ultimately, delegating it a powerful tool that, when used skillfully, gives everyone a chance to thrive, including you. If you’d like to find out more, the professionals at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to discuss your questions with a member of our talented team today and see how our leadership expertise can benefit you.

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