Why You Should Start Hiring for 2017 Now

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This is the time of year when companies begin looking to the New Year. They set budgets, project sales, and try to determine exactly they will need to operate at peak efficiency. Your company is likely going through this process, along with most other businesses in your industry. And organizing hiring needs is likely part of that plan.

Many businesses will wait until the next year to start hiring for candidates they anticipate needing. With the average number of days for screening potential new employees hovering around 23; that means it could take you approximately one month to get a vacancy filled. If you wait until the New Year to begin the process, you may not see a new employee until February. And that’s suggesting you find a great candidate pool almost immediately once you advertise the vacancy. It also relies on the candidate being able to start the position quickly.

Instead of possibly being shorthanded at the beginning of the next year, you could start your hiring process now. Not only will give yourself the time necessary to find a suitable applicant to start at the right time, but you can also experience these other benefits.

Court Ideal Candidates

Social networks like LinkedIn have given companies unique access to ideal candidates who may not be actively looking for a new position. By starting the hiring process early, you have more time available to try and woo these professionals away from their current employers. You won’t be under the time pressure to hire as quickly, so you can allocate time to building these relationships to see if you can create the right offer to bring them onto your payroll.

Psychology of the New Year

Our culture prepares us to make major changes when the New Year starts, and a new job can be one of those changes. We are inherently ready for the idea of doing something new, so career shifts can easily be integrated into those desires. While people may not speak to career changes in their resolutions, January 1 still feels like the right time to start new things that could be good for us. That can work in favor of a company who is trying to bring top candidates over, as the romanticized idea of the New Year may make the change more appealing.

Longer Hiring Processes Aren’t a Surprise

Another cultural effect of the season is most people expect business to run at a slower pace. Many candidates will realize that the time to complete the process may be extended due to the conflicting obligations many people have this time of year. If you are open about the fact that the holidays may delay the timetable, applicants may be even more understanding.

The candidates may also be busier this time of year. They may be less aware of the amount of time that has passed, making the hiring process seem faster than it was. They may also appreciate the lack of pressure coming from the hiring process as they are dealing with other pressures commonly attributed to the holiday season.

How to Begin?

If you know that new employees will be on your New Year’s to-do list, get a jump on things now. Begin crafting job advertisements or have recruiters start making connections with potential candidates. If you feel swamped by year-end tasks, consider working with a staffing firm to make the task less daunting. Companies like CPS Recruitment® have the knowledge and expertise to streamline your hiring process, making sure that you can focus on other duties until top candidates are identified. Contact CPS Recruitment® today for a happier hiring New Year.


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