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Everything You Need to Know About Staffing for Healthcare Businesses

For healthcare businesses, patient care is a priority. Most medical offices understand that to provide the high-quality experience patients deserve, maintaining optimal staffing is critical. Being short by even a single employee can create serious challenges. That’s why having options to cover gaps is so essential.

Luckily, there are plenty of staffing options available to healthcare businesses. If you’d like to learn about CPS Recruitment’s healthcare staffing services, here’s everything you need to know.

Temp Contract Staffing

Many healthcare businesses have fluctuating staffing needs. For example, a permanent employee may be unexpectedly absent, or an increase in demand may make supplementing the workforce necessary.

Whether you need last-minute coverage, the ability to right-size your team based on demand fluctuations, or extra hands to assist during an employee’s planned absence, temp contract staffing can be the ideal approach. You get access to top talent quickly and efficiently, and just for the time, you need them.

CPS Recruitment handles all of the administrative work, too. Credentialing, payroll, and benefits administration remains in our hands, making it a convenient option for all of your short-term needs.


If you want to fill a permanent position but also want to exercise extra due diligence when choosing a candidate, the contract-to-hire program might be the ideal choice. You can bring on a healthcare professional as a temporary worker, allowing you to conduct a working interview and assess their capabilities on-the-job.

After the trial period, you can choose to bring the employee on permanently or, if they weren’t a perfect fit, release them from the assignment. Then, you can bring on another candidate and repeat the process, giving you the ability to locate your ideal candidate and hire with confidence.

Local Per Diem Staffing

When you have immediate staffing needs, the local per diem staffing approach could be a great fit. CPS Recruitment will provide the nursing, allied health, or support professionals you require right away, ensuring you have proper coverage right when you need it most.

CPS Recruitment has a vast pool of talent, including many who specifically prefer per diem arrangements. They are ready for same-day placements, allowing you to handle a gap with ease.

Direct Hire

When you need top talent for a full-time, permanent position, the direct hire program is the best choice. CPS Recruitment will locate top talent based on your criteria, screening both for skills and culture fit. You can access a substantial candidate pool with ease, ensuring your hiring managers have the highest quality selection to choose from while reducing your hiring times.

Once you find the ideal match, the professional can join your payroll right away. They become a permanent member of your team from the beginning, ensuring you don’t miss out on an exceptional in-demand candidate.

If you’d like to learn more about all of the healthcare staffing options available, the skilled team at CPS Recruitment wants to hear from you. Contact us to speak with one of our healthcare recruitment and staffing experts today and see how our unique and comprehensive programs can benefit you.

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