Simple Job Seeker Advice for the Unemployed

Are you unemployed and trying to re-enter the workforce?  Unemployment has been at an all-time high for quite some time, so your competition is tough.  Below are some helpful hints in securing a new job opportunity:

Look at the top 5 things that set you apart from others. Make sure they are not generic but genuine to you. Be ready and comfortable to talk about them during your interview.  Why are you a better employee than all those others looking in the marketplace?  Be specific, have examples written down.

Re-evaluate your salary requirements. If you have been out of work for a year, don’t expect to suddenly make more money now than you did in your last position.  If you insist you are worth more now, be prepared to say exactly why you think you deserve more salary than you did in your last job.  What new skills you have acquired?  Have you learned a new computer program while volunteering?  Have you taken any courses that augmented your resume? Sadly, the increasing cost of gas and the current cost of living are simply not reason enough to demand more money without offering a greater skill set to a potential employer.  Your financial obligations are not their concern.

 Update your resume, check it and check it again. My biggest pet peeve is seeing misspelled words on a resume.  Many companies out there will immediately toss aside a resume with a typo. This demonstrates that you may be lacking attention to detail.  Since you may not be working, you should have a bit of extra time to check & re-check for errors.

Be prepared.When you are going to apply for a job be early, clean, and have the accurate and necessary information you need.  Do not bring your resume on a flash drive and do not have it folded in your pocket.   A simple folder with a couple extra copies will put your mind at ease.  In addition, come prepared with the correct names and addresses of your former employers and references in the event an application must be completed as well.

Communication is key. Be advised, if you don’t give an updated telephone number a prospective employer cannot get in touch with you regarding new job opportunities.  Give a primary and secondary number and a correct e-mail address.  Also, remember to call with any new numbers you may have acquired while hunting for job opportunities.  If an employer cannot reach you, they will simply move on to the next qualified candidate

Network, network, network! There is an unlimited amount of networking opportunities out there.  Talk to all of your family and friends—let them know what you want to do and why you will be good at it.  Be aware of the career fairs running throughout the community and attend them accordingly.  Always, contact a recruiter who specializes in your area of expertise.  Take advantage of any and all resources!

Finally, do not give up“Life is like riding a bicycle.  To keep your balance, you must keep moving” ~Albert Einstein

For more advice on finding a job, or to hear about our opportunities, contact Tracie Tucci @ 315.458.2100 or  You may also visit our website to view our listing of current opportunities!

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