Should You Post Open Positions to LinkedIn?

Should You Post Open Positions to LinkedIn

The nuances, pros and cons of various social media platforms continue to evolve as technology advances. LinkedIn remains an incredibly powerful recruitment tool and should be used by any employer who is serious about acquiring and retaining a world-class team. However, there are some concerns that LinkedIn going forward may not be as useful as it has been in the past.

The bottom line?

LinkedIn is a solid platform and should remain a critical tactic in your talent management strategy. However, it is just that: a single tool. Incorporate it into your larger plan and keep myriad options open as you source, attract and retain top talent.

The Pros

LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to establish your company and its leaders as subject matter experts, demonstrate your unique industry contributions, build credibility and enhance your employment value proposition.

In addition, LinkedIn provides:

  • The algorithmic realm of search engine optimization: LinkedIn is a solid venue for giving your business more exposure. This can lead to increased web traffic and in turn, a better conversion rate.
  • A robust forum for staying current with industry news: Staying active on LinkedIn keeps you in the loop, signals upcoming business trends, and offers ripe ground for sharing advice, ideas and expertise, all at little-to-no cost.

The Cons

Industry experts concede that LinkedIn has work to do based on these considerations:

  • Because everyone works from the same database, they all see the same candidates. Any individuals with high-demand credentials listed on their LinkedIn profiles are being hammered by recruiters.
  • In Mails response rates appear to be declining. New tools such as LinkedIn Recruiter make it easy to send mass messages. As a result, message volume has increased, even though the number of desirable candidates is relatively fixed.
  • Integration with other data sources is lacking. While there is a wealth of information on sites such as Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn doesn’t do as extensive a job of integrating outside data into its product.

What’s your best strategy for incorporating social media and all other facets of talent management to secure success? It can be mind-boggling at times. Consider partnering with a specialized recruitment firm to achieve and exceed your ongoing goals. CPS Recruitment® is ready to help you today!  Contact us at (315) 457-2500 or for more information.




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