Should I Put Internships On My Resume?

When you write or update a resume, it’s reasonable to wonder what you should and shouldn’t include. For those with an internship in their background, you might have doubts about where you should list those details or if putting them on your resume at all is a smart move.

Luckily, it is possible to figure out if putting your internships on your resume is the right choice, and how to list them if it is. Here’s how to get started.

When to Include Internships on a Resume

Internships are technically part of your professional experience. You were working in a role, usually, one that aligns with your field. The environment was professional, you had duties, and there were performance expectations.

If you are an entry-level candidate, current student, or recent graduate, adding an internship on your resume is a great move. It shows that you can work in a professional environment and showcases your potential. Listing it may also be wise if you recently used an internship to bolster your capabilities or acquire new skills for a career pivot.

When Not to Include Internships on a Resume

There are two signs that including an internship on your resume isn’t the best choice. First is if the internship isn’t relevant to your target role. Second is if the experience wasn’t recent.

Relevancy is always essential when you write or update a resume. If you have an experience that relates to your target job, and the internship doesn’t fall in that category, you might want to skip it. Unless that internship covers a recent gap in your work history, it isn’t providing the hiring manager with much value.

You also have to consider how long it’s been since you were an intern and how many relevant roles you’ve had since. For example, an internship from a decade ago might not provide much value, even if it was in your field. If you’ve had at least three jobs during your career thus far, then you probably don’t need your internship there. However, if you’ve only worked for one or two companies during those ten years, your resume might look sparse without the internship.

Where to List Your Internships on a Resume

In the vast majority of cases, you want to list your internship in your work history section. It is a form of professional experience, so there’s no need to separate it from your other jobs. Plus, you’ll use the same approach to sharing details about it, including listing your job title, the company name, your dates as an intern, and relevant achievements from your time there.

When you list your internship, be honest about the nature of the position. While you want to include a descriptive job title, make sure that the word “intern” is listed with it or next to it in parentheses. This also works in your favor since internships are often short, so it reduces the likelihood that leaving it after only a few months will make you look like a job hopper.

Ultimately, whether you list an internship on your resume depends on your unique situation. By using the guidelines above, you can make a decision that is right for you.

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