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Many companies struggle with retention. In a candidate-driven market, it can be hard to keep your best and brightest on staff. However, not all organizations take active steps to figure out what may be pushing top performers away, a mistake that makes improving retention metrics incredibly challenging.

Luckily, a simple process can make a significant difference. “Stay interviews” are an approach that allows you to lower turnover by learning about any issues or shortcomings that might be causing your employees to look for opportunities elsewhere. By conducting stay interviews, you can come up with action steps to improve the employee experience, allowing you to craft a workplace that best meets their needs.

If you are wondering what you should ask during an effective stay interview, here are a few suggestions.

What Do You Like and Dislike About Your Job?

This question gives managers a chance to learn both about what is working and what isn’t. You can discover what the employee enjoys about their role in a day-to-day sense. Additionally, you learn about obstacles or challenges hindering their ability to perform or harming their level of job satisfaction. As a result, you gain a better understanding of how the employee perceives their position, as well as areas that could be improved to enhance retention.

How Long Have You Been With the Company and Why Do You Stay?

While similar to the question above, this one focuses on the company as a whole instead of a specific role. This allows you to learn about aspects of the business and environment the employee appreciates, giving you insights into what is working.

Additionally, it opens the door for a more in-depth discussion. You can follow up to see what macro-level factors might not be meeting the employee’s needs. Then, you can discuss potential changes that might increase their odds of staying long-term.

During the Past Year, Have You Had Moments When You Considered Leaving?

When you ask this question, you have the ability to identify which employees might be halfway out the door. Give the worker the ability to share their thoughts freely and without repercussion, ensuring they can be honest when they respond.

The goal isn’t to identify flight risks. Instead, your focus should be on learning about incidents or issues that almost became the last straw, as well as any contributing factors that may have occurred prior to those moments. Then, you’ll have the ability to address these points, something that can bolster retention.

If you need additional guidance, don’t be afraid to ask the employee how you can help. This follow-up question gives you insights into how the employee would like to see things change and can lead to incredibly valuable and actionable information.

Ultimately, stay interviews can be incredibly powerful tools to help improve retention. However, they will only work if the company is open to taking action based on the feedback, improving the workplace and job to better meet the needs of their employees.

If you would like to know more about stay interviews, the team at CPS Recruitment can help. Contact us to speak with a knowledgeable member of our staff today and see how our retention expertise can benefit you.

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