The Secret to Keeping Your Top Marketing Employees

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With unemployment rates falling, fewer candidates are available to fill positions. That means retention efforts need to take priority over certain other initiatives. Understanding what your workers really need from you can seem incredibly difficult, but the secret to retaining your marketing employees isn’t so mysterious when you really look.

Ultimately, what almost every professional wants is to be valued. They want to be recognized for their work and rewarded for their efforts, and they want to know the company they work for is behind them every step of the way, in good times and in bad. Here’s how you can do just that.

Acknowledge Accomplishments

Whether it’s finishing a project, finding new cost-saving measures, or going above and beyond the call of duty, taking the time to recognize the efforts of your employees can go a long way. Being appreciated can boost morale and improve productivity. And not all of the recognition needs to come from management.

While leaders need to acknowledge employee accomplishment too, creating methods for workers to recognize each other can also help them feel valued. Consider establishing programs where employees can send kudos to one another for jobs well done, and you may be surprised how much morale improves. Just make sure management jumps in too, as that will help encourage workers to get involved and shows that the higher ups are just as invested.

Create an Inclusive Culture

Employees need to feel a sense of togetherness at work. Otherwise, they may start looking for new opportunities. Creating a culture that is inclusive is key to ensuring everyone feels like part of the team, and it isn’t that hard to get started.

One easy method is to provide new hires with a mentor during the onboarding process. This gives them a direct connection to someone on the team, making sure they don’t feel like as much of an outsider in the beginning. Think of the mentor as a built-in icebreaker, a person who can handle introductions, answer questions, and help the new worker get settled. Often, the connection will continue, helping to create strong teams every step of the way.

Pay Fairly

While it’s true that money isn’t everything, it is always something. Fair compensation is a necessity in competitive markets, especially for your current employees. Take the time to complete salary reviews on a regular basis, and research what your competitors are paying professionals who do similar work. Then, if you discover your compensation plan doesn’t align with the industry standard, consider remedying the situation.

However, if raising salaries isn’t an option, make sure you clearly explain the reason why to your marketing team. Sometimes, if they are given a chance to see the entire picture, they’ll be more understanding and less likely to look for other opportunities.

If you are interested in learning more about employee retention strategies or are searching for candidates for open marketing positions, the team at CPS Recruitment® has the expertise to assist you in reaching your goals. Contact us today to see how our services can help you find and keep great candidates on your team.


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