The Secret to Acing Your Next Engineering Interview


Interview styles vary depending on what position the candidate is interviewing for, and engineering is no different. As an engineer, you will be screened based on your expertise in the industry and your preparedness will take you far in an interview. You want to demonstrate that you not only have the technical skills, but you have applied them in real and meaningful ways.

Some engineers simply sit behind desks all day, and the interviewer will be looking for signs that you have practiced before and actually put your skills to work. To show this, beforehand you must brainstorm instances in which you used your skills

In order to fully show your preparedness and eagerness for the position, you must prepare for certain questions that are going to be inevitable in an engineering interview. We’ve complied potential interview questions and offer examples of how you could answer them correctly.

  1. “Tell me about a project in which you excelled”
    The interviewer will be asking you this question to gain insight on your skills and what you consider to be your ‘shining moment’ at work. These two factors both say a lot about you. Use this time to recall a project that was impressive and will speak volumes about your talent, and the interviewer will be able to see your passion for your work through this story.
  1. “Discuss a time in which a project or client was particularly challenging. How did you overcome this conflict?”
    Again, this isn’t story time; this is time to show how well you deal with adversity, whether it is the difficulty of the task or the client. Problem-solving is a huge part of engineering, so this question is very important to gauge if you will step up to the task, or crumble under pressure. The interviewer will also be interested to see how your interpersonal skills play out in a difficult situation.
  1. “How are you keeping on track with your skills and education in the engineering field?”
    Interviewers are likely to ask this question because engineering is a skill that can be tailored and expanded, so they want to know how eager you are to learn new skills and further your expertise. No one wants to hire an employee that is not flexible and willing to learn new things.

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