How to Scoop Up December’s Best New Grads

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Gone are the days when simply posting a job description automatically brought in the kind of candidates you need. With the job market favoring the job seeker, new grads have new expectations regarding their first post-college positions. If you want to attract the top candidates from this new pool of potential employees, you will need to offer more than solid pay and benefits.

To help you scoop up the best this graduating class has to offer, start with these tips.

Begin Recruiting Now

Many new graduates began searching for their first job in their field months prior to actually graduating. That means the hunt for the best and brightest is already underway for many companies. If you aren’t actively pursuing these potential new employees, you need to get to it as soon as possible. The longer you delay, the slimmer the pickings.

Provide a Career Path

While grads are technically looking for their first “real” job, it is important to understand that they have ideas for more than this position. Often, they already have a tentative plan regarding where their career should lead them. To help attract the best of the bunch, you need to show them how their career can progress with your company.

Provide information regarding available training as well as internal promotional opportunities. If there is a logical career path for the position you are looking to fill, review that information in job postings. By helping candidates understand that you see potential in the ideal employee besides filling the current vacancy, you will give them indications of your potential as an employer.

Understand Salary Expectations

Recent graduates often have an inflated idea regarding what they will earn in their first position. This is often based on research into the field that speaks to median salaries instead of those fresh out of college can expect.

To prepare you for what can be a challenging discussion, do your research regarding common salaries for similar positions. This includes employees working in your organization as well those working for competitors. That way you can ensure your offer lines up with industry standards.

Consider Temp-to-Perm Options

Since new grads often have little, if any, experience working in the field, it is hard to gauge how they will perform once they begin in your company. To help mitigate the risks associated with someone who may be new to the working world, consider temporary-to-permanent hiring options.

The initial period where the employee is working as a temporary employee can serve as a trial run, giving you the opportunity to see how the candidate actually performs once they begin. If the test-run goes smoothly, you can offer a permanent position with confidence. If not, there is a natural breaking point that allows you to part ways more smoothly.

Temp-to-hire positions can be administered through your organization, or you can enlist the assistance of a professional staffing firm. Working with a staffing firm means you can bring potential candidates into your workplace without officially adding them to your payroll. This can limit the overhead costs associated with bringing them onboard, and simplifies the exit process should they not work out.

If you are interested in exploring temp-to-perm hiring options or would like assistance locating a skilled permanent employee, CPS Recruitment® has the experience you need for either situation. Contact us and see how we can make it easier to attract the best new grads available.


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